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I love using Airbnb when travelling. Not only does Airbnb give you an opportunity to explore the city like a local, it is often cheaper and more comfortable than staying in a (budget) hotel. The best Airbnb Joshua and I ever stayed in was a little studio in Paris with a panoramic view over the whole city. This studio was cheaper per night than the budget eskişehir gecelik eskort crappy hotel we were looking at. But how do you get an Airbnb Discount? Are there Airbnb Cashbacks or Airbnb Coupons you can use? In this guide I explain step by step how to get Airbnb discounts and how to negotiate the price on your Airbnb stay.
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Using an Airbnb Referral Coupon is the easiest way to get a discount on your Airbnb stay. You will receive $34 off on any qualifying stay when you sign up via a referral link. This will only work when you sign up for a new account and on your very first booking.

However, $34 can go a long way when travelling Europe and Asia.

Book longer stays to get a discount

As someone who used to host on Airbnb, I know how time consuming it can be to change the bedsheets, clean the room or apartment and ultimately wait for the guests and hand over the keys. That is why many hosts decide to give a discount to travellers who decide to spend the week or the month in their rental.

You can save anywhere from 10% to 40% when booking a longer stay. Obviously, this differs for each listing and it is a good idea to do research when booking longer stays. Some rentals might look expensive, but when booking long stays they can become very affordable.

Grab yourself a last minute Airbnb discount

For a host it is always better to have someone in their rental for a discount than not at all. That is why Airbnb gives hosts the opportunity to set pricing per date. This means hosts will often mark down their rentals when it seems nobody is going to book their place. On the other hand, in tourist season rental prices might go up.

If you are travelling outside of peak-dates it is a good idea to wait last-minute to book a hotel room. This way you can get a nice discount even when you are only booking for 1 night.

airbnb hacks cheap discounts cashback budget

Ask the host for a special Airbnb discount

Did you know you can contact the host before booking? When you are booking last minute, you can contact the host and ask for a discount. Whether the host will give you a discounted stay or not strongly depends on the case you make in the email and whether or not the host is accepting to negotiating the price of the Airbnb.

When the host accepts the discount, he or she will send a special offer. Keep an eye on your email. You can accept the special offer straight from your email and by clicking the button “accept”.

When renegotiating the price of your Airbnb, try and offer 20% less and see what the host says. Not every host will be open to renegotiating the price. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact a number of hosts whose Airbnb you are interested in.

Look on other websites to see if the Airbnb is offered at a cheaper price

A large number of Airbnb’s -especially in cities such as London and Paris, are rented out as Airbnbs through agencies. This means there is a chance that these Airbnbs are also listed on other websites such as VRBO and

Have a look on those websites before booking the Airbnb of your dreams as they might be cheaper on those websites.

how to get the best airbnb discounts
5 ways to get a discount on airbnb

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