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The Wathen-Bartlett Pub in Burley is a bit of a local legend. Having been there for at least a 100 years, this working man’s club might be a bit rough around the edges, but when you are looking for an honest pint, this is the place to be.

The Wathen Bartlett Pub is my go-to pub when I’m in Burley. Not only is this pub a very friendly environment with reasonable prices, they are not too fussy about having dogs in (which is a great plus when walking the dog on a Sunday morning).

In the evening – especially on the weekends, the pub becomes a lively place. I have been there when there was live music playing and I think – if I am not mistaken, they also organise darts and snooker games there.

The Wathen Bartlett Pub has great outdoor seating. Just like with about any other British beer garden, you can drink a pint on one of the picnic tables out on the tarmac.

They also have quite a big parking area. Beware when turning into the parking spaces as horses love to stand around on the grind. When looking around on Google Maps you can even see a few horses having a nibble at some grass on the parking lot.

The Wathen-Bartlett Pub is quite centrally located in Burley. Just walk up Pound Lane a bit and you will see its blackboard signs luring you in. The fact that this place is down to earth and welcoming makes it the perfect spot to have a drink after a tiring forest walk or biking trip.

It has been some time since I have been to the Wathen-Bartlett Pub, mainly due to the fact that we did not have a lot of time in Burley this summer, but I love coming there. The pub might be very local at times, everyone is very welcoming and nice. Want some more info about the New Forest? Want to know about some special hidden gems? I am sure staff and locals alike are happy to give you some pointers.

The pub is now looking to introduce more darts and pool tournaments, to introduce quiz nights (Yes Please!) and summer barbecues.

The pub is open on Monday from 6pm to 9pm; Friday 6pm to 11pm; Saturday 12 noon to 9pm and Sunday 12 noon to 6pm.

More than enough time to hop in for a nice cold pint!

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