20 most Instagram worthy places in London

London is an amazing city. I lived in London for two years and even though London and I weren’t always on good terms, I do miss her ever now and then. 

London is a favourite destination for a lot of my friends. Every two weeks or so I get a few DM’s asking me where to go, where and what to eat and drink and fishing after some nice spots to take some Instagram pics. 

I have compiled a list of my favourite Insta-worthy spots in London! 

St. Paul's Cathedral and the bubbles

St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous sights in London after The Big Ben. Just go outside the Tate Modern on the south shore to capture the cathedral in in all its clory. You will often find a man blowing huge soap bubbles that will float just as part of your picture.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a garden on the top floor of a 160 meters high building. The architecture of the building cleverly mixes glass, steel and plants as well as the 360 view of London. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Big Ben under the arches

When in London… You NEED to have a picture of Big Ben! You can photograph the Big Ben from under the arches of Westminster bridge or through the arches on the other side of the river. This will perfectly frame your picture! 

Street Art in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is extremely hip and fascinating and, with street art on every corner, it is Instagram Paradise! The Shoreditch Art Wall on Green Eastern Street, the underground village, Chance Street and the New Inn Yard are among the best spots.

If you are interested in shooting a lot of street art on your trip to London, it might be a very good idea to take one of the many London street art tours. These great tours (mostly in East London) take you past all the great street art places and gives you great opportunities to take pictures for your Instagram.

Kynance Mews

Keynance Mews is perfect for autumn photoshoots. With beautiful red leaves all over its entry, it makes for really pretty and colorful pictures. But also in summer and spring it is absolutely beautiful here! Definately a great place to take some pics while in London.

The London Eye

Take the perfect picture by the nearby pedestrian bridge, where you can capture the London Eye, Westminster and the river in one perfectly Instagrammable shot. You can also take great shots inside the London Eye – but it might be quite expensive and time consuming to buy a ticket, stand in line, and take the 45 min ride. 

Coppa Club

There are a couple of them around London; the most famous is the one by Tower Bridge. You don’t only get to eat in in an igloo type bubble but also you get to enjoy the amazing view. Perfect for an Instagram shot.

British Library

This national library is installed since 1998 in a huge red brick building located just behind the Saint Pancras station. If you are into books this is definitely a place for you! The British Library often has very interesting exhibitions on – be sure to go and take a look! 

The Churchill Arms

In summer, the Churchill Arms, a Notting Hill pub, turns into a gigantic garden. Perfect for Instagram pictures but also if you want a drink.

Also take a look inside! The Churchill Arms is incredibly cosy and they serve AMAZING Thai food! 


Sketch is easily the best restaurant in London to take Instagram pictures. Designed by British artist David Shrigley, All rooms are beautiful and unique. Don’t forget take pictures in the bathroom where you’ll find small white capsules and a multicolored ceiling.

British Museum

It’s the largest public square in Europe, covered by a spectacular glass roof. If you go to the gallery, you will have an incredible panorama of the whole area. 

The British Museum has an amazing collection and I would recommend going to see the mummies and the Rosetta Stone! 

London storefronts

London has a large number of amazing storefronts and photogenic shops ideal for Instagram such as “Liberty” and “The Biscuiteers”. Also check the window display at Fortnum and Mason! 

The inside of Fortnum & Mason is also very Instagrammable.

Hyde Park

London’s parks are particularly photogenic, but the best for an Instagram photo is Hyde Park where you can capture tree-lined avenues, ponds and swans. This park is beautiful in any season.

Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell

Not only the food is photogenic, but the restaurant itself is wonderful, with its mismatched designs and furniture. The brunch is excellent.

Leadenhall Market

Harry Potter fans know this place very well, since it was a brief filming location. In the first part of the saga. The architecture is just superb. 

I love taking a walk trough this amazing gallery. Definitely Instagram worthy! 

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous places in London. You just NEED to have a picture on Trafalgar Square! 

Try to pose by the columns or by good old General Nelson! 

Neal's Yard

Nice little pedestrian place that is near Covent Garden. The facades are colorful and bright.

Peggy Porschen

This little shop is not only perfectly Instagrammable, it also sells amazing cakes and coffees! 

Best to visit in summer and spring! 

Colorful Houses of Notting Hill

This spot become popular the movie Notting Hill aired. Notting Hill is a picturesque and colorful neighebourhood located to the west of London in the Kensington and Chelsea districts.

Camden Town

Camden is known for its great market and alternative shops at the Camden High Street. 

The lovely alternative storefronts make for great colourful Instagram shots. 

Take an Instagram Walking Tour

Instead of hopping on and off buses and looking for nearby tubestops, it might be a good idea to take a London Instagram Walking tour. 

These walking tours take you past all the best Instagram places in London and you will be discovering and taking pictures with other Instagrammers. This is a great way to network, shoot together and test out new poses and learn from eachother! 

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