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London is expensive. London might even be one of the most expensive places I have ever lived! Between rent, underground tickets and £5 Pret baguettes there was little money to spend on things like cinema and theatre. As London is overflowing with extraordinary choices for theatre enthusiasts, and I basically wanted to see every show ever, this was a massive problem. At about £50 to £100 for a backrow ticket, theatre in London can hit your wallet pretty hard.

Even though I did pay full price for some of the shows I went to (I am looking at You, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child), most tickets I was able to buy at heavily discounted prices! And here is how…

Book your tickets online!

The best way to get your tickets is to book them online. Most sites offer a great discount for up to 60%. You might want to be flexible with your dates or even the show you want to see, but having a look at online theatre ticket websites is a great choice. I got most of my tickets from London Theatre Direct. Sign up to their newsletter and be notified when ticket prices hit rock bottom! I really profited from this!

Tkts Booth on Leicester Square

Hit the Tkts at Leicester Square. It used to be a half-priced booth in the 1980s and it still to date offers great deals on tickets. This little hut looks a bit like a Christmas market stall and it is easy to miss it in the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square! Lines can be pretty long and you are not always sure to get the best seats or prices – but if you are unable to book online, this is definitely one of the best places to buy tickets in person!

Cheap Offers on the West End.

Most West End theatres almost always have cheap offers available on shows that have not yet been sold out. The best thing to do is to look up show timings and walk up to the box office. Ask when they start selling off unclaimed tickets or open seat for the show. In most cases this sale starts 15 minutes before the show starts. You can literally get tickets at rock bottom prices – however, you are not always sure seats and thus tickets are available at that time. It’s hit and miss really. Make sure to have a list of show timings and have a plan B, C and D as back up.

Group Deals

Most West End theatres offer discounts for larger groups. So, round up all your family and friends to go see your favourite shows! There may be Facebook Groups for theatre lovers where these kinds of arrangements are made!

Sneak Peek Tickets.

Keep in mind that for all intents and purposes each show will have sneak peeks before premiere night when the ticket costs are normally significantly less expensive. However, you might not get the “full experience” as some costumes of props might not be finished yet. A great way to get your hands on sneak peek tickets is by joining mailing lists of theatre ticket selling websites!

Go for Day-seats.

Cheap day-seats and day tickets are available for most shows on the day of their showing. These are available at a cheap rate and only in the ticket booth. You just need to get in the line for these early. But, with such an incredible opportunity, that is a very small price to pay for.

Seat Filling Clubs and Websites

The best way to get inexpensive tickets is to joining seat filling clubs. These clubs have the purpose of making sure that the show is jam-packed. A yearly fee gives you loads of opportunity to access fantastic shows. However, you might not always get the best seats in the show.

Fringe Theatre

Go for fringe theatre which hosts local celebrities at small local theatres and clubs. These places are filled with fresh and unique plays by blooming play writers.

From cheap discounted online tickets to finding undiscovered masterpieces in local theatres, the above tips will get you the best deals in London. These tips are definitely worth a try if you really want to sweat out a bit for your favourite shows!

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8 ways to get super cheap theatre tickets in london

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