10 reasons why you should visit West End – The London Theater District!

I lived in London for 2 years and I absolutely loved strolling through the London Theatre District! Home to some of the best theatres, this absolute tourist magnet (and for good reason!) is found right in the middle of the city and overflows with neon signs, gaudy boards, gourmet eateries, and hustling theatre-goers.

Even though you could often hear me mutter some swear words under my breath at the massive hordes of tourists stopping in the middle of the street (Trust me, I wasn’t the only Londoner that did this!), I would often make a detour just to walk through the Neon lit streets or to make sure I wasn’t missing any special viewings or amazing shows.

I once missed a one-off (4 shows only with limited tickets) of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and I just never forgave myself!

But overall, the West End is an amazing place to hang out in London! Here are some reasons why I absolutely LOVED it!

The West End in London is theater HEAVEN!

Most shows in the West End, which is known as the “Theatreland”, have been running non-stop since the first time they premiered such as the Les Misérables, which is West End’s longest running show. You see the original shows while soaking in the true essence of the London city which gives you a more connected feel.

You can buy very cheap theater tickets!

The theatre tickets are cheaper than anywhere in the world – Trust me, I currently live in Dubai and theatre is EXPENSIVE here! There are websites that can give you massive discounts on tickets if you aren’t too picky on seats. Sometimes you can get amazing seats for a fraction of the cost!

Simply, plan out carefully. There are such huge numbers of incredible shows to see and, on the off chance that you play your cards right, you can do it for a small amount of the cash you would spend someplace else.

The musicals and plays are thought-provoking.

There are a plethora of plays and musicals that regularly handle profound issues and uncover social issues through their acting, discourse, melodic numbers, and dances.

The London West End offers a chance to recharge your batteries.

Visiting London can be a lot. Going from the Buckingham Palace to the London Eye, there is so much to see and with the countless walking on tours and looking at old buildings can be tiring. The Theatre District is the perfect place to unravel and enjoy your time. It helps flare up your passion for creativity and art. You can often pick up very cheap last-minute tickets from discount ticket websites!

The London theatre district has an intriguing history!

From protecting and reusing the wood of the London’s first performance centre amid the development of The Globe to the cosy connection between the city and a portion of the world’s most noteworthy writers, London’s West End Theatre locale is a piece of a rich, long-standing and regarded emotional convention. Walk through the streets on the premiere night of another show and you will feel a buzz of fervour dissimilar to any other. Going to a show in one of London’s theatres enables you to venture into and partake in a standout amongst the most storied dramatic customs on the planet.

why should you visit the London West End

The theaters in London very beautiful!

The district has some amazing theatre buildings that are a sight to see. From the massive London Coliseum to the 20-sided polygon shaped Shakespeare’s Globe (even though that one isn’t necessarily in the district itself), each building is an assembly of intricate design and beauty in its own way.

You can take amazing London Theater district tours

The tours around the district should be on top of your to-do list. For the individuals who need to investigate London’s theatre scene further, appreciate the shows from an alternate point by investigating the puzzling theatre back stages, these tours are a perfect opportunity! Backstage tours like in the London Coliseum and Royal Opera House show where the actual action happens and walk through tours give an actual feel to the visit.

There are different genres of theater available in London

If you are not a classical person or not in the mood for a musical, you can definitely select from a wide range of genre to watch something to your liking. It may be contemporary, comedic or just a plain old tragic romance. There are tons of shows to pick from!

There are some amazing places to eat in the London West End!

The Theatre District offers many restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines to choose from with quick service.

Things to do other than theater in the London West End

There are some extraordinary historical museums in London’s Theatre District so you can fill your artistic appetite in one or a few of them before venturing into the show. The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square just as Royal Academy of Arts close Piccadilly Circus house fine arts by a portion of the world’s most prominent painters;

London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is a perfect goal for families while the fantastic Neoclassic chateau of Somerset House on the Strand is presently home to an amazing expression and a cultural focal point. The Theatre District is a great place to stay when you’re on London. It is close to almost everything and it has amazing transport links!

10 reasons why you should visit London's West End
10 reasons why you should visit the London West End

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