Trader Vic’s Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Review

Nights out don’t always work out the way you intended. Sometimes they actually end up being way better! We discovered Trader Vic’s by complete accident and it turned out to be one of the best restaurants I have ever been to when it comes to South Sea food.

We were initially heading to Fibbers Magee’s as we were longing for a drink and it was way past happy hour in McGettigans. We heard there was a good buffet with loads of alcohol – so it was an easy choice. After a 30 minute cab drive and a 15 minute walk looking for the place, the burly door man said the place was cramped and there was no seating space left. Would we mind not having a seat while eating and drinking? Euhm. Yes we would.

trader vics dubai review

Anyway, we will surely head back to good ol’ Fibbers when it is less busy. But for now we chose to walk around and look for another place to get food. Maccie D’s? No. Subway? Rather not? What about Trader Vic’s? I had no idea what Trader Vic’s was – but one of our friends had been before and spoke highly of the cocktails.

The entrance to Trader Vic’s is rather inconspicuous. It is located in an office block. Once you are past the awkward security guard in the cramped hall you take the elevator and press the button next to the Trader Vic’s logo. Once the lift beeps to a halt you literally enter another world. Waterfalls and stone walls, soft music and delectable smells – I was exited to enter the restaurant!

Trader Vic’s is known for their South-Sea food and cocktails. They seem to entail cuisines from much further – from The Easter Islands to Indonesia.

We decided to make work of the cocktails as we had about 10 minutes left of Happy Hour. 50% off cocktails made them very good value and thus most of us decided to order big cocktail bowls or two to three cocktails at a time (no joke). The cocktails were amazing. You could smell and taste they used high quality alcohol and ingredients. Their Mai Thai is to die for and their Rum Bowl is amazing – although I did expect it to be a bit more citrussy.

trader vics review dubai

The food was absolutely fantastic. I have travelled extensively, both for culture and for food, and I have to say that I have seldomly eaten such find Asian food as at Trader Vic’s. My husband chose the beef in black bean sauce while I decided to opt for the Indonesian rack of lamb. The rack of lamb was cooked in their very special wood oven which gave the meat a slightly smoked taste. The lamb was cooked to perfection and lay on a bed of stir fried noodles. Another highlight of this dish was the pineapple. Even though I am allergic to the fruit, I could not resist the rum soaked fried pineapple – which is now probably my favourite way to have pineapple.

Trader Vic’s has great Ladies’ night offers and a live band and singer, together with the countless artefacts and pictures around the restaurant submerse you into that delicious island culture.

I greatly enjoyed trader Vic and I would definitely go again! Trader Vic was part of the Find Dining Package on the Entertainer. This means you are able to get buy 1 get 1 free on main courses. Definitely worth a try!


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