Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant Brunch Review

Every two weeks, my husband and I go to a brunch. What brunch it is or where we decide to get our fill of fine food and alcohol is greatly decided by the offers on the Entertainer. We were fortunate to discover a monthly offer for Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant in Deira. This brunch turned out to be our favourite one so far – and something tells me it will be hard to top!

Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant is part of the Hyatt Regency. All in all, it is a very ugly building. “Are you sure this is it?” I asked my husband, looking up at the eye-watering 80’s design of the building in front of me. My husband shrugged. He commented on the fact that revolving restaurants are quite old fashioned, but that this is supposed to be one of the best brunches in town. I trust him.

Where the outside of the Hyatt Regency put me off, the inside is an absolute paradise. The modern middle eastern design mixes with stylish retro and ample greenery to complement the earth tones of the hotel’s lobby.

al dawaar revolving restaurant 3 review

Where you would take the elevator up to Al Dawaar revolving restaurant on the left, on the right you can find a small but nevertheless useful little shopping centre boasting an ice skating rink. I made a mental note about the great quality of the ice and the fact that bar two little kids, the skating rink was empty. Bliss!

When taking the elevator to Al Dawaar revolving restaurant you are greeted by white spotless marble and an impeccable view of both the city and the sea. I was in awe of the interior of this restaurant and could not believe my prejudice against the outside of the Hyatt was met with such great taste and luxury.

Because we were early – we always like to arrive early at brunches (more for us), we were able to sit by the window. A great view was guaranteed once the restaurant started turning. The outer ring – where the guests are seated, revolves, while the buffet and bar at Al Dawaar revolving restaurant are in stasis. This can become a bit disorientated when you want to get back to your place with a plate full of crab and sushi – especially after that second glass of wine.

al dawaar revolving restaurant review

I was craving for a full-bodied red, but the waiter convinced me to opt for the drink of the week: sangria. Although I am a big fan of sangria, my husband could take or leave the Spanish nectar of the gods. But this sangria turned him into a raving sangria addict!

We received a beautifully presented glass with fresh food and a light red wine. I assume the wine was slightly watered down with sparkling water or a light lemonade and I loved the lightness of the sangria. It worked really well with the fruits and was incredibly refreshing. Definitely my favourite sangria ever at Al Dawaar revolving restaurant!


As for the food: there was ample choice at Al Dawaar revolving restaurant. I mainly stuck to sushi, cheese, and fish, while my husband was in seventh heaven tasting the roast beef. I had a few oysters and decided to try the crab. As for the oysters: if you come in early you should wait for them to lay out the second batch. I was not very impressed by the crab. But all the rest: the sushi, the cheese, the cold fish, the salads, the bread… it was all top notch. Like I said previously: Al Dawaar revolving restaurant is one of the best brunches I have been to so far and I think it will be hard to top!

As for the view: it is magnificent. You will have a prime view on both the Dubai skyline with the Burj Khalifa (although quite far in the distance), the Dubai Creek and the sea from the windows of Al Dawaar revolving restaurant. One rotation takes between 45 to 60 minutes. I could not recommend taking in the view with a glass of wine more. Do be careful not to place any valuables or personal possessions on the window sill as the sill does not revolve with the rest of the dining area.

Overall this was an excellent experience and I could not praise this brunch more. Whenever friends or family would visit Dubai, I am sure we would take them here as Al Dawaar revolving restaurant offers an excellent combination of stellar views and delectable food.

A definite 5/5

Look at this amazing view!
Fi Sahadeq!

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