Brunch Review: The Warehouse. Le Meridien Dubai

The second weekend in Dubai, my husband and I were invited to join his colleagues for brunch at The Warehouse.

Brunch in Dubai is definitely not the same as a Brunch in London. No overcooked eggs, and watered down orange juice but high quality food such as oysters and sushi, and bucketloads of great cocktails and glasses of wine.

The concept of a “Brunch”

Brunches in Dubai are very popular. Although not cheap, they represent 4 hours of all you can eat and drink in a nice environment. Alcohol in Dubai is quite expensive. It is not uncommon to pay £8 for a pint of cider – in fact, that would be on the cheap side! Party animals and cocktail lovers in Dubai can take refuge in one of the many brunches the city has to offer. The concept of Brunches is simple: 4 hours of all you can eat and all you can drink alcohol or soft drink. Prices range from £50 to £100 – which, taking the price of alcohol in account, is quite economical when you are craving that glass (or bottle) of wine!

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My very first Brunch!

My husband and I were invited to join is colleagues to a brunch at The Warehouse, a restaurant at The Meridien Hotel just next to the Dubai Airport.

We were greeted by a friendly man who took down our names and checked them against the register of people who had made a reservation. It is very important to make a reservation as brunches are incredibly popular and it would be a waste for you to make the trip, only to be told the brunch is full.

Belgian Beer at The Warehouse!

Big Delirium parasols lined the path to the entrance. We could choose between a glass of wine or a glass of bubbly as a welcome drink before we were lead into the restaurant and were shown our table.

I was rather disappointed when I found out the Belgian Beer was not included in the Brunch, but I did make a mental note, that, if I ever craved Belgian beer, I could get my fill at The Warehouse.

The Warehouse Brunch: Big variety of food!

The brunch itself offers a massive and wide variety of food: from sushi and oysters to porkbelly and brie. The foody in me was doing a happy jig while discovering The Warehouse even had ‘Samurai Sauce’ – A Belgian sauce that is hands down my favourite sauce of all time!

Overall the quality of the food was great. I did not see any wasabi or soy sauce – which was a bit of a bummer, but I had my fill of cheese, bacon and charcuterie.

The Warehouse Brunch: Great cocktails!

Although the cocktails were served in petite glasses, they were very nice and tasty. I decided not to go for the wine that day as I was very thirsty and thought cocktails might quench me better and faster than a glass of red.

I also liked the shots – especially the DooDoo, a shot with olive and a spicy aftertaste. Although not everyone went wild for this one, I would actually order it again!

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After Brunch Club

After the brunch, tables go by the side and upstairs becomes a venue for an after-brunch club with live music and go-go dancers.

Because we were quite a large group of people we were seated upstairs. I would personally ask to be seated downstairs as sun blocking blinds and curtains block out any speck of light. I love a good view – and red curtains are not the view I was gunning for. The restaurant downstairs is also a lot cosier – and you are closer to the food (hint hint).

After brunch the upstairs becomes an after brunch-club. Not really my style of what I had in mind (not a big fan of clubs), but I can see the appeal!

The Warehouse Brunch: Overall Pro’s and Con’s

The warehouse Brunch: Pro’s

  • Tasty cocktails
  • Great variety of high quality food
  • The venue becomes a club upstairs after brunch
  • Party Party Party!
  • Great value!

    The Warehouse Brunch: Con’s

  • Too dark upstairs

    The Warehouse Brunch Review: Overall conclusion

    I definitely liked this brunch and would love to go back when I’m in the mood for a great party! At 239 AED (Or about £50) this brunch is great value!!

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