Gordon’s Wine Bar London – Best wine bar Embankment Review

My favourite London hideaway? That must be Gordons Wine bar London by Embankment. This amazing wine bar at embankment serves great port, delicious cheese and has nice wine on its menu.

Whenever I visit London, I cannot miss going to Gordons bar. This hideaway attracts locals and tourists alike as it is by far the best wine bar at Embankment.

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Gordon's Wine Bar Embankment London Review

gordons wine bar london
Gordon’s wine bar was my favourite place to meet with friends after work. It was my way of winding down and having a well-deserved, friday-evening glass of Port.
Gordon’s at Embankment is a wine cellar off Embankment Station. Although Gordon’s lies in central London, it can be quiet at times. It is a very down to earth place. You love it or you hate it but this bar is as French as it can get ( although everything – even the name is English).
And trust me: the wine and port are both exquisite. I have only drunk wine there once. In Belgium wine is much cheaper than in the UK. A glass of great wine in the UK would cost the same as if I would import the bottle from Belgium or France. But the Port… oh the Port! Love songs have been written about the greatness of the Port in Gordon’s!
Although I would prefer red wine over white, I do prefer the white port at Gordon’s. It is quite sweet but has a nice taste. The white Port has a slight oaky taste which gets masked by its sweetness.
At £8 for a glass, the Port is not very cheap, but it is definitely worth it.

Gordon's wine bar menu

gordons wine and port bar embankment
Gordons wine bar Embankment mainly serves cold cheese and cold plates. The price depends on how many slices of cheese you buy. One slice will set you back £7, 2 will cost £12 and you get 3 slices of cheese for £17.
Gordons Wine Bar London has a small menu of cold plates including pork pie salad, smoked salmon salad and parma ham and bread.
Although I have not yet eaten at Gordons London, their food always looks amazing.
I would recommend visiting Gordons wine bar London when you are in the area. You can choose to sit outside or inside. Inside the bar is lit with candles which provides a very romantic atmosphere.
Although it is not a cheap place to eat and drink, I do think experiencing the Port and the atmosphere is worth it.
For more info you can always try the official Gordon’s Wine Bar website. 
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  1. Chris Patterson

    We visited Gordon’s after reading your blog and my wife and I loved it! Thank you for the tip! Amazing place!

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