10 reasons why you need the entertainer as a tourist in dubai

10 reasons why you need The Entertainer as a tourist

What if I told you, you can experience the luxury side of Dubai without breaking the bank? you have probably seen me and Josh dining in world-class restaurants, going to brunches or just enjoying a nice (yet expensive) meal… Let me tell you: we are not millionaires. We just use The Entertainer. 

The Entertainer? Yes! It has been my absolute favourite thing since we moved to Dubai! The company offers a discount card which basically gives you “buy one get one free” offerings (2 for 1) bundled in a handy app that works in large parts of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Josh and I have already saved more than AED 10.000 ($2700) with this app this year. You pay a small fee when joining the Entertainer (depending on when you travel to Dubai this can be anything from 500 AED to 250 AED) which you will earn back very soon. 

The Entertainer makes the expensive life (or vacation) in Dubai affordable. A “must-have” in Dubai.

Not completely convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you NEED the entertainer on your next trip to Dubai. 

10 reasons entertainer tourists deals discounts marina

The Entertainer makes very expensive restaurants and experience affordable. Most of us travel to Dubai to experience the opulence and the luxury of the city. However, when actually in Dubai they notice that all this luxury is still pretty expensive.

Not anymore with The Entertainer! Via the Entertainer you can get 2for1 on food and drinks alike. This means that going out for a meal to an expensive restaurant like Trader Vic’s does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

In fact, Josh and I love fine dining and found that The Entertainer made our fine dining experience at top and world-class restaurants more affordable than going out for a meal in London! How about that!

2. The app helps you discover amazing places nearby

I am not afraid to say that I often select my dining options via the Entertainer app. In fact, if an expensive restaurant is not on The Entertainer, the chances I will be eating there are very slim.

I love browsing through the Entertainer App. It is very easy to find affordable yet great places to eat close by. Even when you are on the go, the Entertainer App helps you discover new and exciting places.

The app will tell you how far away you are from a certain venue. This might help you to select a restaurant or a bar to eat or drink at (with a nice discount).

Josh and I try to go to a brunch at least every two weeks. We love discovering new brunches and The Entertainer helps us doing so. I just flick through the available brunches and select what looks appealing.

Throughout the year we have discovered so many great brunches and restaurants this way.

3. The Entertainer is perfect for tourists who want to see all the sights

10 reasons entertainer tourists deals discounts desert safari

Tourists stand to save a lot of money when using The Entertainer. The App includes some of Dubai’s top attractions such as The Burj Khalifa (via At.Mosphere Breakfast), the Dubai Aquarium and Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Most of these experiences are very expensive. This means that after one or two uses you have already earned back the expense you made when buying The Entertainer.

4. And it is a must Have for expats

Expats living in the United Arab Emirates would be crazy not to get The Entertainer. Even friends of ours who have only been in the country for a month have already earned back the initial cost of the app.

Although there is a lot of competition rearing its head for The Entertainer, I have yet to find a better discount app for expats in Dubai. I have tried Zomato Gold as it was cheap… but in the end I forgot to use it, especially as Zomato Gold only contains offers on restaurants.

As I mentioned before – Joshua and I have already saved more than $2500 this year. We often use The Entertainer when going out with friends or when entertaining friends and family who come visit us.

5. The entertainer gives 50 percent off hotels all over the world

10 reasons entertainer tourists atlantis

Tourists who buy the Entertainer can use the app outside of the UAE for hotel stays and travel. The Entertainer has recently launched quite a significant list of hotels where you get 2for1 nights on their hotel rooms or just a flat 50% off.

Using The Entertainer to get a discount on hotel rooms is quite simple – you just enter the name of the city you want to visit and the dates of your stay. The Entertainer will spit out a list of great hotels, all with a flat 50% off or a 2for1 on nights spent at the hotel.

This way tourists and expats can use The Entertainer all over the world!  

6. The Entertainer makes alcohol affordable

Alcohol is stupidly expensive in Dubai. I think it is ridiculous that you have to shell out £10 for a pint at the minimum – but it is not something we will be able to change. So you need to adapt and overcome. The Entertainer is a great way to get a nice discount on your alcoholic beverages. When buying The Entertainer you can opt-in for the Cheers! package. This package gives you nice discounts on beer, wine, hop buckets and even cocktails. 

On Cheers! You can get buy 1 get 1 free. So when buying a bucket of hops (5 beers for instance) you will get another 5 for free. 

Is it worth it getting Cheers! as a tourist? I think so. If you are getting The Entertainer anyway, adding on Cheers will save you a fortune! There are a large number of Irish Pubs, pool bars (hotels) and sports bars who take part in Cheers!.

Now you can order that $10 glass of wine guilt-free! 

7. You can order food through the app

Did you know The Entertainer does home deliveries? Yes! Instead of ordering through Talabat or Zomato you can now order through the Entertainer. You will have an unlimited amount of deals on the Entertainer Home-Delivery option. This means you can keep ordering your favourite meal over and over again. 

Although maybe not always suited for tourists, food can be delivered to your hotel. This way you can enjoy a nice meal with a 50% discount while staying in and chilling by the pool or in front of the TV. 

8. The entertainer offers cheap pampering

Are you stressed? Maybe you are tired of walking around the city so much? Then open up your Entertainer App and browse through the many pampering deals! Whether you want to go for a facial or a massage, want your nails done or need a good hairdresser to do your hair, you will find a plethora of great deals on The Entertainer. 

If you are staying at a budget hotel, why not use your Entertainer to get access to a world-class pool at one of the expensive hotels downtown or in the Marina? 

The Entertainer has a large amount of Beauty, Pampering and Fitness options and it would be a waste not to try them at least once! 

9. The app gives you great discounts on your favourite brands

10 reasons entertainer tourists deals discounts shops

Not many people know this, but The Entertainer actually gives you discounts on various brands and in a lot of great shops. 

10% off on all your Reebok Purchases – up to 40% off on your Kotton purchases and 25% off when buying at Steve madden. 

I was pretty bummed out when I discovered this after owning The Entertainer for a year already! 

10. Even when used all your coupons you can get discounts

Let’s say you used all your coupons for a certain restaurant or brand… that sucks. But did you know you can actually get discounts at that outlet even when you used all your coupons? 

You can buy back deals with 1000 coins. You earn coins when using The Entertainer or referring a friend. 

You can ask friends with The Entertainer to ping you deals they are not using. This way you can enjoy more of your favourite deals. 

If you are really desperate, The Entertainer also offers a flat 25% off your bill at some outletsand brands. 

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10 reasons why you need to get the entertainer dubai

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