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10 Best Travel Cameras for travelers in 2019

Are you planning on going abroad? Then you will need a good travel camera to capture the amazing memories you make while travelling.  Whether you are travelling for 2 weeks or 2 months, whether you are roughing it or staying in 5-star hotels: you won’t want to cheap out on a good camera. 

Modern cameras are light, have amazing zooms and will be able to capture that amazing sunset or sunrise in 4k video. Obviously, different people and travelers will have different preferences and demands when it comes to their camera, but I have put together a comprehensive list of great travel cameras of 2019.

Here is a list of the best travel cameras in 2019 that are perfect for your next holidays. 

Without a doubt, the Panasonic Lumix is one of the best travel cameras you can buy. Not only is this Panasonic camera incredibly compact, it also has an incredible zoom. The only change made was to squeeze in a larger sensor.

The Lumix ZS200/ TZ200 has been fitted with larger sensors making making this Lumix a direct competitor for many DSLR cameras. The larger sensor enables much better image quality than usual and will allow you to use the impressive zoom on this camera to your advantage.

The ZS200/ TZ200 sports a versatile 15× zoom. It also has a handy built-in electronic viewfinder. This viewfinder makes it easier to shoot images in bright light. It is by far the best travel zoom compact camera in the market. It is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it as this camera is likely to be top of the market for the next couple of years.

Carry it on your next trip to capture your best adventures. It is an amazing camera for beginners and intermediate users. 

Canon G5X Mark II

The G5X Mark II is another great travel camera you should keep in mind. This camera is well suited to a wide range of lighting conditions and its touchscreen flippable screen makes this a great vlogging camera.

The camera also has a wide aperture so you can film and capture that view the way you see it. The Canon G5X Mark II is very flexible.

The G5x Mark II is a great travel camera as it has a high-performing 1-inch sensor, 4K video recording, and a tilting LCD screen. The downside is that the image and video really do lose a lot of quality when the zoom is used.

I personally use the G7x Mark II and I love that you can connect your phone to the camera through WIFI and NFC. You can do the same with the G5X Mark II. This way you can take use your phone to operate your camera and sync the pictures on your camera with your phone. 

This camera is perfect for beginners and intermediate photographers. 

Sony Cyber shot Rx100 VII travel camera

I would not have recommended the older version of this camera, but the Sony Cyber shot rx100 VII is a great camera. The Sony Cybershot is a great camera for travelers who want to do a lot of filming.

Take detailed photos and videos with the advanced 1 inch sensor. Because the sensor is bright, you use the camera in locations where there is little light, such as a thick forest. The textures of subjects are clearly visible on the images. If you zoom in on the photos, the pixels are visible. You record videos in 4K resolution. You can also easily create vlogs with the 180 degree tilting screen. You can easily focus on yourself via the touchscreen.

The camera has a fast auto focus system with Eye AF. This is especially useful if you often take portrait photos. This function not only works with people, but also with animals. If your subject moves, the focusing system follows your subject accurately thanks to Real-time Tracking. For example, when you photograph a playing kid or an animal.

Thanks to the tilting screen and the external microphone connection, the camera is suitable for recording professional-looking vlogs. A great camera for people who won’t mind spending a bit more to buy a good-quality camera for amazing pictures and videos! 


Fujifilm X-T30

The Fujifilm X-T30 is a compact camera for travelers and vacationers who are on the road a lot but want professional equipment to shoot their pictures and videos. 

The body of the camera weighs 383 grams, making it an incredibly light camera. It also has some great features such as the amazing autofocus system which will allow you to easily photograph moving objects, people and animals such as tuktuks, monkeys and playing children. 

Thanks to the 425 phase detection autofocus points, you can accurately determine which part of the photo you are focusing on, just by tapping the touchscreen.

With the video mode you can easily record videos in 4K quality at 30 frames per second for a great after movie of your journey.

You can take photos from tricky angles or record vlogs via the horizontally tiltable screen.

Nikon Z6

The Nikon Z6 Body is a full frame system camera for professional photographers. With the widely applicable 24-70 mm lens you can take portrait, landscape, architecture and nature photos, among other things.

The camera is very silent during shooting which makes it perfect for travelers with an interest in wildlife.

The camera has 273 AF points that cover 90 percent of the screen. This way you focus accurately. You set the focus speed and response time yourself. This allows you to record creative video images, such as focus pulls.

You film in 4K quality with 30 fps. In Full HD you film with 120 fps, which gives you the possibility to make slow motion images.

With the tilting touchscreen you can easily shoot from tricky angles. Thanks to the adapter you can continue to use your Nikon F lenses in combination with this camera.

Panasonic Lumix DC Tz90 camera for solo travelers

With the Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ90 you have a compact camera full of selfie functions perfect for solo travelers!

The camera’s LCD touchscreen can be rotated 180 degrees so that you can see yourself. Together with the Panorama Selfie function and the Self Shot function, you can easily create different kinds of selfies. With the Post Focus function you can adjust the depth of field of a photo afterwards via the touchscreen.

You can shoot photos and videos in a maximum of 4K. With the large angle of view of the lens you can photograph wide landscapes.

The camera has a 30x optical zoom, so you enlarge objects that are far away without the loss of image quality.

Canon PowerShot Sx740 Hs

The Canon Powershot SX730HS is a compact camera that is suitable for vloggers and people who travel a lot.

Due to the compact size, the device fits easily into your jacket or trouser pocket.

Thanks to the 40x optical zoom, you can take good pictures of distant subjects. The camera is equipped with the Zoom Framing Assist that helps you locate your subjects when you zoom in. You can easily capture unforgettable moments thanks to the 180-degree tilting screen and the self-portrait mode.

You operate the SX730 remotely with your smartphone by connecting both devices via Bluetooth. In addition, the camera is equipped with a WiFi and NFC so that you can share all the captured images quickly and easily with friends and family.

Sony Cyber shot Rx10 IV travel camera

With the Sony DSC-RX10 IV you have a professional compact camera with which you can focus in 0.03 seconds. You aim, you focus and click. Perfect for capturing special moments on holiday! 

With this camera you can shoot continuously up to 24 frames per second. The 4K videos are of higher quality because files are read without pixel binding. This means that each pixel is displayed individually, giving you sharper images.

Thanks to the High Density Tracking AF technology, moving images stay sharp, even with unexpected movements.

The RX10 IV contains a 24-300 mm zoom lens. In combination with the fast autofocus you shoot focused images with different zoom distances. This camera is dust and splash proof, so you use it in all weather conditions.

Olympus Tough Tg 6 travel camera

best travel camera 2019 Olympus Tough Tg 6

The Olympus Tough TG-6 is suitable for photographers who are not afraid of a little water or dirt.

Thanks to the waterproof, shock, impact, frost and dust resistant housing, you can take the camera with you during outdoor activities, when traveling or in bad weather.

With the macro system you take detailed macro photos in nature. The design is waterproof up to 15 meters deep, so that you record the underwater world while snorkeling or diving.

You can choose from 3 white balance settings to film underwater for vivid colors. You also take sharp photos at locations with difficult lighting conditions with the HDR function.

You can film with this camera in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second or in Full HD with 120 frames per second. 

Sony Cyber shot Rx100 III

The Sony CyberShot RX100III is suitable for the advanced vlogger and photographer.

The device has an LCD screen that can be tilted up 180 degrees. In combination with the 24mm wide-angle lens, you record a wide image. This allows you to capture even more of the environment.

The RX100III has a bright 1.0 “CMOS sensor with background lighting and a large aperture of f / 1.8. This way you shoot razor-sharp images in all lighting conditions.

The camera can be set completely manually, which invites you to experiment. You can easily share the end result via WiFi and NFC.

10 best travel cameras 2019
best travel cameras 2019

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