Review – Before I Fall

To me, Zoey Deutch is one of those actresses that gets way too little recognition. The first really significant movie she starred in was Beautiful Creatures but it wasn’t until Vampire Academy she broke through. Every since she has starred alongside the biggest artists in movies such as Dirty Grandpa, Why Him and now Before […]


Review – Amadeus Antwerp

Are you a fan of ribs? Yeah. We too. I lived in Antwerp for six years and I would honestly say that, after Bruges, Antwerp is the one city you actually NEED to visit in Belgium. If it is not for its amazing architecture, culture and the joie de vivre of its inhabitants, it has […]

Coconut Mango Anatomicals Booty body lotion

Anatomicals – Coconut and Mango Booty Lotion

I’m in marketing. I notice things. I notice bad branding and I notice awesome branding. And god. Am I jealous of the Anatomicals branding! It is so incredibly spot on! The colours and the style perfectly fit the youthfulness and boldness of the brand while the copy is so incredibly well written and even quirky […]

5 reasons why i love the new forest glitter rebel hills nature views

5 Reasons why I LOVE The New Forest

The New Forest looks like something out of a fairy tale. Kind horses that graze in little villages and happily greet you on the heather paths, donkeys and cows that play tricks on tourists and wild, beautiful deer that run away skittishly out of low shrubberies when you get near. The glowing hills are covered […]


Gordon’s Wine Bar – Embankment

My favourite Londonn hide-away? That must be Gordon’s Wine bar. The first time I set foot in here was to meet my boyfriend’s parents – for the third time. I was very nervous and although I absolutely love these people, I was scared to say anything wrong. Last Friday I went back again. My boyfriend – […]