Income Report March 2019

What a month! Yes – this little overview might be a little bit late, but I have a very good reason for it being so: Josh and I were in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I still can’t believe we went to Nepal! It has been on my bucket list for so long, and it was honestly one of the most fantastic trips I ever made. You are warned: loads of Nepal posts incoming!

But looking back at last month, my trip was not the only highlight of March 2019. Let’s have a look at what happened in March, what goals I hit (and missed) and what things I want and need to work on!

What were my goals for March 2019?

When looking at my goals for March 2019, I can say that there weren’t many I hit. But still: I feel like I did a great job in Mach and that I made some significant steps forward. Goals are just tools to guide you and – yes, also a way to measure success. But I will explain what other steps I took and how they helped me to grow my blog.

March Goal 1: Get my blog up to an average of 30 visitors a day (hit)

I remember the days that my blog had an average of less than 10 visitors a day. I did not put a lot of effort into my blog as I was working on my book blog.

As I have been posting more and as I have put more effort into promoting my posts and my blog, the number of visitors grew – both via social and organic channels.

As it stands, I received an average of 35 visitors and 52 pageviews a day. Looking back at February 2019, that is a huge increase! February 2019 I had 537 visitors and 848 page views versus 1105 visitors and 1614 pageviews in March.


Looking back at those numbers, that is actually quite a feat! I will look into the analytics or my blog a bit deeper further down in the article.

As it stands, I am hoping to have an average of 40 visitors a day in April. I have missed out on a week of writing and promoting in April, so I will settle at 40 and do a little celebratory dance at an average of 45 visitors a day.


March Goal 2: Earn $10 via affiliate links (Not Hit)

Earning money via affiliate links is hard. I tried to read up on earning money via affiliate links. Guess what? About 70% of them were talking about taking expensive ($200+) courses on making money via affiliate links.

Do you know the irony of it all?

The links referring to the course were all affiliate links – with high pay-outs. And with high pay-outs (you can look this up when looking up the course and digging deeper on the website) I mean $100 for ever $200 course you sell.

Of course you will make a fuck-ton of money off affiliate links. But you are literally tricking people!

I don’t want to do that.

That’s grossly unfair towards your readers.

I made £1.89 off affiliate links last month through Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a website to look up flights I use a lot myself – so I am very happy to include the links on my website.

I do want to be able to support my website through affiliate links, but I want to do it in good faith and I do not want to mislead readers to make some quick bucks.

I have been misled into buying a £25 (which is very cheap) course into affiliate links made by a fellow blogger a few months back, and it was such a massive waste of time and money that I just don’t trust the people recommending it anymore.

I do not want to do that to other people.

So, if I only make £1.89 through affiliate links to website I trust and use and recommend myself, then that’s great.

I’d rather make £1.89 recommending products and sites in good faith than make £100 recommending bogus courses or shit sites.

I guess I will want to adjust my goal to £5 for April.

March goal 3: Earn $2000 in general (Not hit)

No – I did not make $2000. I made $800 in total.

It has not been transferred onto my account yet but I have earned it. So that counts – right?

Anyway, what happened and why did I not hit my goal?

Well – I quit working on Fiverr.

Yes, I know it brought in quite some money, but on the other hand: it took up a shitload of time.

As I want to move towards passive income through my blog rather than active income through copywriting, I thought it smart to invest time in my blog rather than some quick money through Fiverr. It wasn’t taking me anywhere in the long haul, mainly because people on Fiverr are looking for cheap freelancers.

Rather than Fiverr I will now focus more on Upwork again. It is easier to get awarded bigger projects and businesses in my niche (translations) are looking for quality rather than cheap labour.

I am going to adjust my goal in April to $1000 so I can work on my blog without stressing.

March goal 4: grow my Pinterest reach to 8k a month (SMASHED IT)

I did not bring my reach to 8k, I did not bring my reach to 10K, I raised it to more than 27K!

*celebratory weird dance*

It did take quite a lot of work to get there, but here is how I did it.

It is not that difficult to do – and you can easily do it yourself!


Join a Facebook Blog Group in your Niche

You want to connect with other bloggers in your niche – especially bloggers that are very active on Pinterest. You can find these groups by looking around on Facebook, but also by joining and researching group boards on Pinterest. I have learnt so much from these groups and from the people in them. I cannot recommend joining a Facebook Blogger’s group more.

Some of the groups I joined are:

  1. Official UK Bloggers (although I haven’t checked them as much since they shitstirred in the whole PidPig thing)
  2. London Bloggers – down to earth people who give genuine advice. Really like this group!
  3. Mappin Monday – Travel blogger group focussing on Pinterest.

Join pinning threads

Some of the groups you join will host pinning threads. In pinning threads you can post one of your pin. You pin every other pin in the thread and in return your pin gets pinned hundreds of times. It takes about 2 hours to pin ever pin in the thread, but that’s a small price to pay to gain followers and loads of clicks and reach.

Pin on Group Boards

I have mentioned this before: group boards are amazing for increasing your reach. When I am out of ideas or when I am looking for new angles to approach a topic or location, I tend to have a look in these group boards.

Pins I make on Photoshop to better than the ones I make in Canva

In March I decided to step away from Canva to make pins and turned to Photoshop. Pins made in Canva all look the same and all have the same “feel” to them. Although I do like them, I felt I needed to up my game and started to design my images on Photoshop. These pins are doing great – even though I haven’t entered them in any pinning threads yet. I do feel a massive difference.

I am designing pins and putting together ideas so I can give them to fellow bloggers for free. Hope to have a massive amount of them ready in a few months.

March Goal 5: Get 1000 pageviews (Smashed it)

I smashed this!

Although a lot of people think the number of visitors a blog receives is the most important metric, pageviews make the difference The longer a visitor stays on a blog, the more they click, the less they bounce, the more Google will like your website

I will aim for 1700 in April and will stretch to 2000!

April 2019 Goals

  • Average of 40 visitors a day
  • 650 followers on Instagram
  • Find a theme that fits my Instagram and that I can keep to
  • 5 newsletter subscribers
  • 15 blog posts written

What actionables did I fulfil?

  1. Create a guide of printable [V]
  2. Insert links to other posts in my blogs [V]
  3. Weed out pins that aren’t working [X]
  4. Write more about and for bloggers and blogging [X]

What actionables do I need to fulfil in April?

  1. Weed out pins that aren’t working
  2. Experiment with Instagram themes
  3. Create first 3 lessons for the course on my other blog
  4. Run a contest on Glitterrebel
  5. Post at least 15 posts on Instagram
  6. Post book reviews on
  7. Edit book
  8. Comment on at least 30 blog posts
  9. Read at least 15 blog posts on blogging and growing your blog
  10. Edit all pictures from Nepal

What else happened in March and what does April (and the rest of the year) hold?

What other things happened in March and what does April look like?

Well first of all, I think it is important to tell you guys that I decided to NOT work from my apartment anymore, but work at a coworking hub. I have always loved the idea of coworking hubs and found that – even when I was still in Uni, it was much easier for me to be productive away from home.

I was looking for coworking prices in the UAE and found that Justwork was very cheap and very  good. There is a justwork hub not too far away – only a 10-minute taxi ride away. For £100 a month you get great internet, a beach view (no I am not kidding!) lovely staff and great free coffee! So from now on I will be working at a Justwork coworking hub.

I will also join a gym in April. Gyms in Dubai are SUPER expensive. Don’t be surprised to pay between £60 and £150 a month for a gym membership. I was hoping this price would include pool access or personal trainers or spa access – but no. Nothing. Nada. Just Gym access!

So although I love going to the Gym, I decided not to go because of these ridiculous prices! But now it turns out there’s a gym on my street that charges £25 a month which is reasonable. I will go and have a look next week, after Josh’s holiday. I can go to the gym, come home to shower and go to work. It will give me a bit of a routine to hold onto!

Josh and I are currently booking our tickets to China and Europe for the summer. We will be visiting a friend in Xi’an before travelling through to Beijing for a few days.

229 new followers

Another great thing that happened in March was the growth of Pinterest followers! 

I basically went from less than 50 followers to 271! In just one month! 

Most popular articles in March 2019

I love looking into the details and analytics of my websites. It does not only motivate me to write more and work harder, it also lets me work smarter as I know what conent works and what content doesn't 

I was surprised my ASOS haul does so wel! 

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25 thoughts on “Income Report March 2019

  1. Adriana

    That is so awesome. Thank you for being so open with your goals and sharing them with your readers. I know this upcoming month will be very successful for you.

  2. Adriana

    That is so awesome. Thank you for being so open with your goals and sharing them with your readers. I know this upcoming month will be very successful for you. Love your blog by the way.

    1. Lieze Neven

      Yeah goal plans and actually posting and writing about your goals helps so much. I found that I am much more motivated to work towards them as I want to be able to write and show some result both to myself and to my readers.

  3. Alexa

    love that you have your goals so well defined. How do you define the numbers to reach? I’m trying to quantify my goals more but having a hard time coming up to what numbers I should reach .. let me know

    1. Lieze Neven

      I look at the average growth over the last 3 months and then set that growth as a SMART goal. Look at your biggest increase over those three months and add 5% to 10% depending on the number and set that as your stretch goal. It is very important to set manageable goals. If not, you might get discouraged.

  4. Arun

    I am a new blogger. Started a few days ago. So yes, your post helped a lot to learn. I am not yet earning or have many visitors. I wish one day I can be as good as you.

    1. Lieze Neven

      That will definitely happen Arun! Just keep posting great content! Don’t forget the three rules of having a successful blog:
      1. Go self-hosted. When you want to earn money and work with brands you NEED to be self-hosted.
      2. Write informative content.
      3. Reach out to your readers, keep a conversation and use social media to build a tribe or a community!

  5. Kenneth Agudo

    I love reading a post like this about blogging, it’s very inspirational. You earned $800 is a huge earning! I only got like less than a hundred for every 3-4 months which is insane. You are doing great with what you shared here. Keep it up!


    Wow – this is so helful I love how you set yourself a goal I am very slow with it, and also I am not very good with the affiliating system – I think I need to focus more on it too. Thanks Ill definitely visit your blog more often!

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