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How to instantly spot a fake Prada bag

I love buying branded and luxury bags and shoes on the internet. I used to buy Prada shoes and bags for a fraction of the price (I am talking about £20 - £35) and auction them off on a Dutch auction website to make myself a nice profit. Obviously, when buying online, you need to be careful not to buy any cheap replica’s or fake bags. I have listed a few great tips and tricks on avoiding the pitfalls of bidding for fake pieces and making sure that what you received is the real deal.

Look for an angled stitch

prada angled stitching

Prada uses a distinctive angled stitch. It is one of the details a lot of fake factories miss. If the bag you are looking at does not have any angled stitching as shown in the picture, you are 100% looking at a fake bag. 

In case you notice the stitching is angled, you should also look for consistency. The stitches should all be more or less at the same angle. Any inconsistencies might point to the fact that the bag is fake. 

Still not sure? Look at double stitches and the length of the stitches. They should all be the same length and there should be no double stitches. 

Look at the zipper brand

prada fake bag real bag zipper brand

Another way to spot a fake bag is by looking at the zipper. Prada uses a range of zipper brands. If the zip on your bag is not from this brand, take a step back as the bag is definitely fake. These brands are:

  • RiRi
  • YKK
  • Opti
  • Ipi 
  • Lampo

Look at the logo plate

prada fakereal logo plate how to

A well-made logo plate might trick us into thinking a bag is real. But there are some rules pertaining this logo plate we need to keep in mind. 

First of all we need to - again, look for the slanted, angled stitching. 

Second the back of the logo always needs to be the same colour as the bag. If the colour deviates as seen in the example, the bag is definitly fake. 

Also take a look at the R in Prada. In case there s a little stripe between the top of the R and the slanted leg (as seen in the example), the bag will also be fake.

Look at the inside of the bag

real prada bag inside

Another way to tell a fake Prada bag from a real one is by looking at the inside of the bag. In the corner of the lining you should find a little label with two or three numbers. 

If these numbers are not there or exist of more or less numbers, your bag is a fake. 

We cal also look at the lining itself. It should also say "Made in Italy". If it is made in any other countries, it is not the real deal. 

Also the pattern inside the bag might tell us a bit more. Real Prada bags will always show an alternating design of PRADA and the rope. Fake bags might show a non patterned lining or a lining with "Prada" only. 

What to do when you see a fake bag?

When you are looking to buy a Prada bag on sites such as Ebay, Gumtree or Dubizzle and you come across a fake bag, you should always report it. A lot of fake bags will be sold at sky high prices - especially those who look real (more or less). You should always help people make the right decision by telling the sales platform the bag or the listing are fake. 

If you want to know if your Coach bag is real or fake, you can have a look at my article where I show you why the Coach bag I bought on Ebay was a big fat fake.

How to spot a fake prada bag
How to instantly spot a fake Prada Bag

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