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Review: Tike at Sahara Centre

A short taxi drive – or a 15-minute walk (if the temperature permits), lies the Sahara mall. Being European, and a big lover of shopping streets, I was in awe at the sheer size of this place. 1853683 square feet total area, that is 172,212.7859 square meters – that is THREE times the size of one of the biggest malls in Belgium! And the Sahara Centre isn’t even the biggest one around. Dubai Mall is, with its 1.114.836,48 square meter, the biggest mall in the world. If that isn’t giving you shopping induced palpitations, I don’t know what will!

Anyway, walking around in such a massive building works up an appetite. I saw an advert somewhere for a Turkish place and the pictures looked amazing. Mind you, I am a massive fan of Turkish food, so it would only take one well-placed Lahmacun advert to make me drool like a starving Great Dane in front of a butcher’s shop.

Tike was a 20-minute walk from the Dubai entrance. Yes. That is right: a 20-minute walk. Going to the mall is an excellent work-out, or that is what I tell myself. But the walk was definitely worth it! We had a bit of a hiccup as we had no idea if we had to wait to be seated or if we were able to choose our own seats, but soon enough, a very nice waiter allowed us to choose whatever table in the restaurant as he handed us two menus.

tike taste of istanbul sharjah sahara centre front of restaurant

There wasn’t a lot on the menu I recognised, but the beautiful pictures and the impressive layout guided us to the mixed grill for two. At 120 AED or £25 (€28), this seemed like a nice treat to celebrate our recent move. It consisted of 2 pieces of beef, 2 pieces of chicken, 2 chicken medallions, 2 pieces of marinated lamb, 2 lamb chops and a mixed kebab platter of minced lamb and minced chicken. This came with rice, bulgur, flatbread (drenched in the succulent juices of the meat) and a sour cream or yoghurt (still not sure). It was amazing!

The marinated lamb was absolutely fantastic and I could not get enough of the lamb kebab. The spices were just right, and together with the yoghurt (or sour cream), they made for a winning combination!

Both waiters were incredibly nice. Even though the guy who served us was new – and very nervous, his genuine kindness and readiness to help were disarming. What a wonderful guy!

The décor was breath-taking as well. The massive carved wood panelling on the ceiling was absolutely gorgeous while the giant pictures on the walls take you through the romantic and ancient streets of Istanbul under the steady eye of the imposing and monumental Hagia Sophia.

I would definitely recommend having lunch or dinner at Tike. If you don’t want to leave your flat, you can also order food online. I noticed they were on Talabat and Foodonline.

You can find them in the Sahara Centre in Sharjah on the second level, past Adventure land and next to Russo and Vapiano’s. Not near Sharjah? There is one at the Marina Beach as well! Lucky you!

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