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The Cider Pantry Burley New Forest – Review

Ever since my first time in the New Forest, I wanted to go to The Cider Pantry. The cute little B&B and café stands just on the edge of Burley Village and the quaint, romantic sign beckons tourists and locals alike to come in for a cuppa and a piece of homemade cake.

Last week I decided to take some Belgian friends of mine to the petite café for a fry up. The weather was amazing and we decided to sit outside in the beer garden. There were about 10 picknick tables laid out for breakfast and tourists with dogs and kids were enjoying the lovely morning sun.

With about £8 for a rather small English Breakfast, prices are on the high side. But this was to be expected as The Cider Pantry is one of the only places in town that 1. Is not a pub and 2. Does not look like it would charge you £25 for a sausage.

I ordered a friendly farmer’s breakfast with a bottle of apple juice. My friends and husband ordered the Hungry Farmer’s breakfast with poached eggs.

I was really looking forward to eating here, but the breakfast was very disappointing. The sausage was incredibly gamey. I am European so I am more than used to high meat content sausages – but this one tasted as if there was game or organ meat such as liver in there. Some might like it – but it was a bit too strong for me. In fact – my husband and my best friend’s boyfriend ate all our sausages since nobody liked them at all.

I was also highly disappointed by our poached eggs. They came out hard-boiled. You know the amazing feeling sticking your fork in a poached egg – the moment the yolk comes out, and then putting some salt on it and dipping your bread in the bright orange goo? These looked more like Poached Easter Eggs. We did complain to the waiter (He looked as if he did not want to be there at all) and received new ones – but the bad impression was already made.

Apparently on Sundays, they make one big batch of scrambled egg for all the breakfasts. When it comes to your plate, it is dried out and almost beyond recognition. It felt as if I was chewing leather with plastic flavour. I cannot stress enough how incredibly disappointing my scrambled eggs were. I even let my husband taste them to make a point at how disgusting it was. And they were spread out over the toast I ordered – so no bread for me either. Bummer. I mean – even when it is busy (it was busy but only outside… nobody was sitting inside!) it is not that hard to make scrambled eggs to order!!!

Overall, I had expected so much more from The Cider Pantry – especially since everything is incredibly expensive. Is this just another tourist trap? Or did they just have a lesser day? I do not know and I do not care, as I will not be returning there ever again. Next time I will take my fry up in the Bartlett. It might be a greasy spoon pub, but at least I know that I will get 1. Enough food and that 2. The breakfast will be low key, but nice!

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