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Three podcasts I am currently listening to

I love podcasts. I sometimes get a tad tired listening to music while I work, but podcasts never seem to bore me. They are funny, they are informative and they literally make time fly! Here are three podcasts I am currently listening to and are worth checking out.

Bloody Murder Podcast

The Bloody Murder Podcast is – for me, one of the best true crime podcasts out there. Every week, two hilarious Australians, Tara and Barney, bring true crime stories with a humorous twist.

I started listening to Bloody Murder at work. I was bored out of my skull and decided that, after so many audiobooks, I should have a look if there was a nice podcast to listen to. I was hooked from episode number one. Not only is the information very well researched – they bring new and strange cases other podcasts have not talked about – or very little.

They have a very strong fan base and are very welcoming to new listeners. There even is a Bloody Murder Podcast Facebook Group – a collection of wicked, weird and funny people (just as I like them) laughing with Aussies, playing serial killer trivia and posting hilarious memes.

Where to start? Just at the beginning. They are all amazing.

Leaguecast Podcast

Yup. I play League of Legends. Yes – Bronzie. I know. Bronze Three though – so definitely not a Bronze 5. Anyway – because I play almost every day with my husband and two other friends, we got really into the meta of the game. We started looking into patch notes, watching videos and now we are even listening to League of Legends podcasts.

For me, Leaguecast is the best League of Legends podcast out there at this moment. Yes – sometimes their talks are a bit too “high elo” for me. Riot makes a lot of changes for high elo games without thinking of low elo players (about 70% of the people playing). In other words: some of the things they find cool or amazing actually do not work for me and my friends. Yasuo ADC amazing because it looks more like S1? Nah mate.

That being said; they do give a lot of information about champions, about gameplay and about patch notes that is incredibly helpful. We have learned so much! If you play League of Legends, I would definitely recommend listening to this podcast.

Where to start? Last patchnotes.

Ridiculous History

My husband and I used to listen to My Dad Wrote A Porno on our way to his parents 2.5 hours of pure humour. I personally thought the second season went downhill fast (he kept listening though) so we switched to another podcast. This was Ridiculous History.

My husband is a history teacher – so I thought it would be interesting to at least try one episode. But we were hooked. Ben and Noel (Noel sounds so much like Rainn Wilson – Dwight from the Office) come up with a ridiculous – very much out there, podcast theme. All of their episodes are interesting, well research and absolutely hilarious.

Where to start? Doesn’t matter. You can pick up from whatever episode you find interesting.

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