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My Dubai Bucket list

In less than two weeks I will be moving out of my Gravesend house and will be counting down until our plane leaves the Heathrow tarmac, heading for Dubai. It is going to be an amazing 2 years (at least) and I am already looking forward to discovering this amazing Emirate. I have made a list of everything I want to do in Dubai over these 2 years. My Dubai Bucket List.

Visit the Burj Khalifa and have dinner.

As with The London Shard, it is actually cheaper and better value to book a package deal. This means you go up the tower and later have a three course dinner in the Burj Khalifa for £70 pp. It’s expensive – but then again: it is a once in a lifetime experience. visit the burj khalifa dubai bucket list

Visit Aquaventure Waterpark.

I absolutely love waterparks and apparently there are quite a number of great waterparks around. I definitely want to try them out!

Visit Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo.

My husband is a great diver and although we need to head out to Oman for great diving spots, we can get a great underwater hit in this amazing aquarium.

Desert off-road safari

I would love to do a desert off road safari. I have heard that actually the best ones are around Liwa – a little oasis in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. I will have to have a look at what kind of safari to offer, but I do want to visit the desert, watch the stars and maybe even go on a desert camping trip one weekend.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

The Dubai Desert Conservation reserve is high on my bucket list because I would definitely love to learn more about the desert and the animals that live there. In this conservation reserve you learn more about falconing, plants and animals living in the desert and the history of the civilisation that used to roam here. Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding. There is nothing worse than people living somewhere and not even wanting to understand the culture, not even wanting to take part in that culture. And I can imagine there are a lot of expats and foreigners that like this in Dubai. That is why I think it is very important we visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding to learn more about local customs, local food, local celebrations and local art!

Deira old Soukh and boat tour

In Deira – the part of Dubai we will be living in, there is an amazing old soukh that is aparantly really worth visiting. You can also take a boat trip on the Dubai Creek.

Ethiad Museum

I love museums and this Ethiad museum looks very interesting. It is all about the history and the culture of Dubai.

Dubai Museum

I think the Dubai museum was the first museum I read about. It is in Deira and has a big boat in front of it. It is an incredibly interesting museum about the history of Dubai.

Coffee Museum

Do you like coffee? Me too! That is why the coffee museum is on my bucket list to visit in Dubai. I would love to learn about my favourite morning drink. I know that the coffee in Dubai is different from the filtered coffee we know in the Western world. It is more like Greek coffee – thick and unfiltered, which I like a lot better! Maybe I will even learn how to brew a good Arabic cup of coffee.

Motion Gate

I am not a big fan of rollercoasters but I do want to visit Motiongate. Motiongate is an adventure park where you can meet your favourite Lionsgate, dreamworks and Sony movie characters such as Shrek. motion gate dubai bucketlist

Visit the Dubai Heritage House.

Almost every emirate has a heritage house or park and I do have a feeling that they are more or less all the same. Nevertheless I do want to visit the Dubai one as I want to understand as much as possible about the local culture.

Take a walk/picnic in Safa Park

Safa park is a massive park in Dubai with a great view on the towers of the city!

Visit Mushrif National Park

Growing up in Belgium I went to Mini Europa a few times. It basically is a miniature park where Europe’s main attractions and buildings are built in miniature. Although the buildings in Mushrif national park are bigger than most miniature park – and are basically just a house from a certain country – I still want to visit it!

Dubai turtle rehab project

Did you know that Dubai has a rehab centre for turtles? How cool is this! You can go and visit the turtle rehab centre and from what I have read it is an amazing experience. dubai turtle project rehab dubai bucket list

Saruq Al Hadidi Archeological Museum

My husband and I both studied history – he succeeded, I failed. But we are both incredibly interested in history. I would really want to go to the Saruq Al Hadidi Archeological museum. I have read amazing reviews and the pictures of the collection look interesting.

Visit the Camel museum.

YES! There is a camel museum! There are no life camels there but you will get a history of how the animal was domesticated and became almost indispensable.

Crossroads of Civilisation museum.

I think this is the museum I am looking forward to most! It tells the story about how the area has always been the crossroads between the west and the east. The collection and the installations look absolutely FABULOUS!

Jumeirah Archaeological Site

Most people will know Jumeirah as the home of The Palm and The Burj al Arab. But Jumeirah also has a very interesting archaeological site that I am planning to visit.

Dubai Pearl Museum

Before the UAE got rich off oil and tourism, the Emirates were known for their pearls. The Dubai Pearl Museum tells the history of how the Emirati would go out and cultivate pearls and how they built their entire economy on this resource.

Camelicious Camel Dairy Farm.

Camel milk is most definitely something I would want to try while being out there, but I also want to visit the camel farm. I think it would be amazing to see all these adorable desert cows and maybe pet one of them!, camelicious camel dairy farm dubai bucket list


I know a lot of these things might sound very touristic, but this is basically everything I found on TripAdvisor. I am sure that once we are settled down and once we have met people that have been out there longer we will discover a whole load of other amazing things to do. Have you visited Dubai? What would you be able to recommend? ultimate dubai bucket list

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