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Why I love The Mug and Meeple in Gravesend

My husband and I have always been geeky. He used to play board games with friends and roleplay over Role20 while I visited The Outpost, the local geeky bar in Antwerp. While we were living in Thamesmead it was quite hard to express that geekiness. Yes – we were able to play board games or roleplay with our friends at home, but it did not feel as fun or involved as me walking into the bar in Antwerp and meeting up with friends, playing a game over a beer and gossiping about whatever happened that week.

I was over the moon when I discovered that Gravesend boasted a gamer café. Were we finally able to meet up with people to play games outside of our boring living room? Maybe even play roleplay games without having to use Roll20 (Not a big fan of roleplaying in an impersonal way)…

My husband scouted out the café a few times wile I was at work. The owner, Glen, was very friendly and welcoming from the first time the door roared open (literally, go and have a look). If there were any Roleplays starting up? Not really, he said. If people were maybe looking to play Dungeons and Dragons? Because he was able to DM. Sure! Glen invited us to the Mug and Meeple facebook group and within 2 hours of posting about the idea of starting a Thursday evening Dunegons and Dragons game, we found the perfect group of people to play with.

the mug and meeple gravesend

Looking back at this, it all feels very normal. It feels normal that Glen invited us to the Facebook Group, it feels normal that he was so kind and friendly and welcoming. But then again – we just moved from London. And although I might be a bit biased, I do feel that London is not always the capital of hospitality. I have been to the Orc’s nest a few times – and although I still like walking in every now and again, I did not feel that personal connection, that welcome feeling I had when walking into the Mug and Meeple. In fact, it was refreshing to be invited and accepted with open arms.

But the Mug and Meeple is not all about roleplaying games. You can buy or order almost any board game in the shop, and when you are not really sure what you are looking for, Glen or any of the other staff are incredibly knowledgeable and are always ready to help.

The Mug also a haven for tabletop RPG players. You can buy paints, you can buy miniatures and they even have painting events if I am not mistaken.

the mug and meeple in gravesend is fantastic

As a teenager I used to play Magic The Gathering. It is like pokemon cards – but then for grown ups. You battle your friends with monsters, elfs, warriors and smart or cunning combos. If you are into cardgames and you literally have never heard of it, I would highly recommend you looking it up! There are quite some magic players that like to play at The Mug and Meeple. The guys are very friendly and I am sure that they would love some new people to play with.

Another thing I absolutely love about the Mug is the fact that they play in the big room of the Three Daws. The Three Daws is a pub located on the other side of the road from The Mug and Meeple. I like having a drink when roleplaying. And The Daws changes their beers and ales on tap pretty frequently. Lucky me!

Overall, I think we were incredibly lucky for ending up in Gravesend. I could not have wished for a more welcoming community, a better geek shop, more knowledgeable staff and better friends around the roleplaying table. I will most certainly miss The Mug and Meeple and out Thursday roleplay sessions when moving.

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