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Why I deleted most of my blog posts…

I started blogging when I was 16. It wasn’t so much blogging as it was writing for an online magazine. I would review bands, CD’s and concerts. Later on, I also started reviewing board games and PC games for online magazines and even started my own food blog. I never, however, had a ‘personal’ blog.

And I put personal between brackets. Because that was the problem. My blog was not personal at all. You know – I worked in marketing for a beauty brand. I had to read and analyse a lot of blogs and social media profiles. That is where I formed the idea of having my own little website where I could talk about lifestyle and beauty and…

And I created a blog that was just like all the others. A blog that had nothing new to add to the conversation. Hell! I was literally boring the shit out of myself. I am not a beauty guru, I am not a fashion icon! Hell, most of the days I wander around the house in my PJ bottoms and the T-shirt I found next to the bed. But then again – I am a freelancer so that is totally acceptable.

Anyway: why was I pretending to be someone -something, I am most definitely not. I started to bore myself and I honestly did not give a shit about this blog anymore. The last 20 articles I put on here were absolute chicken shit. Yes- they absolutely were just the kind of thing you would find on other blogs! But then again: what makes my blog stand out? What makes me interesting?

From now on I will be posting more about my life, about my travels, the food I eat and make. I will talk about moving to Dubai, the life as an expat – my absolute geekiness… I will be me. I do not need to be like anyone else. I need to be just me.

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