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New Year – New Me: How to stick to those New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of the year, a lot of people tell themselves they are going to do something (or not), and that they are going to make some big changes this year. However, we all know that by the time the Christmas tree comes down and the baubles go back into their box for another 11 months, these resolutions often die a same dry and unforgiving death as the Evergreen in your living room.

My solution?

Just don't have any resolutions.

Seriously. If you force yourself to do something - you won't. Trust me. I mean: think about it - You will keep to your diet for three weeks, but the moment you lapse (been there, done that), you feel like a failure and the whole diet goes out of the window (hello pizza).

This is why instead of making resolutions, I set goals. And I do not do this for the year, I do this for the month. This way when I do not hit the goal, I do not feel like a complete failure because I know that I have given myself the opportunity to try again next month.

So what are my goals for this month?

First of all I want to lose weight. My wedding is in just over 4 months (yikes) and I still look like a whale. Second I want to hit my blogging and social media goals - all written down on the giant whiteboard in my office. Third I want to help my partner look for interesting teaching career possibilities in Asia (and maybe get an interview?) Last I have recently been thinking of starting up an e-zine again (yes, I know... I already have so much on my plate) but I might just think this through.

As you can see, my goals overall, are quite broad and in some cases even easy to hit. This way I will not be bringing myself down when I fail, but it also lets me celebrate my small victories.

But be sure: I have bigger dreams and ambitions in my head and heart, but these goals are the ones I write down and the only ones I want to keep myself to. It gives me and my efforts direction and it lets me decide on how to distribute time and effort in my everyday life.

What about you?
Do you have resolutions - or do you keep yourself to goals like me?

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