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Review Koh Thai Ringwood

My boyfriend and I are staying in the New Forest over the holidays. Because we thought it would be a great idea to treat ourselves to some great food, we booked a table at Koh Thai in Ringwood.

I LOVE Thai food. No, not just love… I could literally eat it every day. It has so much flavour and it just tastes so incredible. It is just so full of flavour and I cannot get enough of it.

koh thai red curry

I was looking forward to eating some great real Thai food. My boyfriend’s sister recommended this place. She has been to Thailand herself and told me the food is absolutely delicious here. And although I enjoyed myself and the food was quite good, it was not all I had hoped for.

We decided to take the Koh Thai tasting menu (or whatever it was called) because we wanted to be surprised. We paid £22.50 each (£55 for us both) for 2 starters and 3 mains. My boyfriend’s sister told us “You would get a shitload of food” but I left the table still peckish.

koh thai chicken

The food was nice. Not necessarily true to form – quite anglicised actually.  Pad Kra Pao is one of my favourite dishes ever but this one left me a bit disappointed. It wasn’t at all like the real deal. The Pad Thai (which is btw, a dish mostly eaten by tourists in Thailand) was amazing, and the red curry was very nice as well. But I have had better in some pubs (The Churchill Arms has AMAZING THAI OMGGGG) – and they served a lot more food for a lot less money!

But in the end, I felt we received very little food for quite a lot of money while the authenticity left me disappointed.


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