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Pantene Smart Pro-V Care and Protection

You have probably spotted Selena Gomez in the latest Pantene advertisement, where she loves the new Pantene Smart Pro-V conditioners. They do not give her hair a heavy feeling, so she can easily use it over the entire length, keeping the hair really healthy. Is that really the case, am I as satisfied as Selena? Pantene Smart Pro-V is the first conditioner that can read and react to different levels of damage so that the hair becomes stronger up to the last centimeter. Especially with long hair it is not easy to keep the points as healthy as the roots. These conditioners are designed to help make the hair stronger and thus to grow longer. pantene pro v review 2 There are eight different types, I tested the Care and Protection shampoo and conditioner. They are going to immediately repair signs of damage, such as lack of smoothness and shine. The rich formula keeps the moisture deep in the hair, which ensures radiant healthy hair. Although I have very long hair myself, but her is pretty healthy for his height. Still, I was very satisfied with these products, which are the first plus point to smell delicious. In addition, my hair feels extra soft, and it is easy to comb after washing. In addition, it is also very smooth and not at all heavy, perfect for my long and damaged hair!

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