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7 (natural) tips to get more energy

<p>Ugh. I hate winter. I always feel tired, as if the darkness just sucks all energy out of my bones. I can hardly concentrate, and after lunch I just start dreaming of my warm bed and a big fat chocolate milk. Recognizable? Here are 7 tips to survive the wintery darkness.</p> <p>1. Try to stay in natural light as often as possible and go outside when you have the opportunity. Five minutes during your break can do wonders.</p> <p>2. Good body hydration is (often) the beginning of good health, which means that your energy level will also be positively influenced. Therefore, try to drink eight glasses of water per day. Fortunately, you can also count a bag of tea in that total: a good reason to sit comfortably in the sofa tonight.</p> <p>3. The main sources of energy are zinc and iron. When you have an iron deficiency, your body also has to work much harder to absorb all nutrients resulting in fatigue. No sense in supplements? No problem: you can also get a lot of iron through your diet and feel so fit. Oysters, spinach, meat and eggs: prepare them more often when you feel tired.</p> <p>4. The organ that plays an important role in your energy supply is your intestines. Every day our body is busy consuming our food, one of the most energy-consuming processes in our body. Without healthy intestines and normal digestion, your body goes into 'overdrive'. To prevent that, you can eat probiotics such as yogurt.</p> <p>5. A positive attitude can also do a lot for your energy level. Do not waste your time on doom thinking but focus on positive aspects. Recent research has shown that a sad state of mind continues to lurk 240 times longer in your body and mind.</p> <p>6. Coffee gives energy in the short term, research has shown that it disturbs our sleep, which actually only makes you tired more. That is why it is better to drink neutral drinks such as green tea and (natural) water.</p> <p>7. Need a fast energy boost? Then eat an apple. This type of fruit is rich in fructose, a natural sugar that wakes the body during the day. Another advantage: you do not run the risk of an energy dip. Apples also contain carbohydrates that provide energy and are a good source of fiber.</p>

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