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Why do you stink out of your mouth in the morning, and what to do against it?

Whether you've had a wild party the night before or not, almost everyone wakes up in the morning with a bad breath. Alcohol, spicy or sugary food make it worse, but are in principle not the cause.

Usually a bad morning breath occurs because the production of saliva in the mouth decreases at night. That is why you wake up often with a dry mouth in the morning. Due to the lack of saliva, bacteria found on the tongue have free rein to thrive. The waste products from these bacteria cause the bad smell.

What to do against it?

By drinking water or rinsing your mouth with water, you bring the saliva production back on track. That is why it is always a good idea to put a glass of water on your bedside table. Because the bad smell comes from your tongue, it is also important to regularly use a tongue scraper to make sure that you can talk to another person with a clear conscience. Is the bad smell not going away? Then you may have an infection in your mouth or another medical condition. Then go to your doctor for advise.

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