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Forget the onesie or Christmas sweater: this year we all wear a Famjam

Pajamas have always done well as a gift under the Christmas tree. But let's be honest, we've always found that there are nicer and more original gifts. We have to come back to that now, the best trend for this Christmas: the Famjam, the same pyjamas for the whole family, and yes, including a pet.

Two years ago, everyone wore onesies and last year everybody wore their 'ugly' Christmas sweater before Christmas. This year we make way for the Famjams, the matching pyjamas for the whole family.

The trend is coming from America, where from various stores sell the same pyjamas for the whole family. With cold Christmas days at the door, this new hype is AMAZING. But Famjams do not only stand for an amazing night's sleep. They also do very well on social media platforms such as Instagram, where a photo with Famjams can easily get a few dozen likes.

For the families who also have a four-legged friend at home, the trend can go a step further. Your dog can also wear the same pyjamas as you. Now be honest: what would be better for a Christmas card than your family in Famjams?

famjams   famjam2 famjam3

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