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Waltham Forest Spa Experience

I absolutely love blogger events. Not only am I able to network and meet new bloggers, you also get to see a business or organisation from the inside. This time I was invited to experience Waltham Forest Spa. However, ever since I moved to Gravesend, getting to London takes up a long time, so unfortunately I was unable to make use of the spa, pools and sauna. Instead I received an amazing manicure that lasted me for 3 weeks. waltham forest spa experience 3

About Waltham Forest Spa

  The Waltham Forest Spa Experience is a Spa Experience by Better. Better is a company that operates gyms and pools – especially in East London. I used to go to their gym and library while I was still living in Gravesend – and even though they made a mistake with my membership (they didn’t cancel it when I asked) which resulted in me paying £90 too much, I have always enjoyed their facilities. The Waltham Forest Spa is located on the second floor of the complex. The complex houses a gym and a pool (If only I lived in Waltham Forest!). The spa opened in 2016 and has been a success ever since due to its reasonable prices, kind and friendly staff and the overwhelming amount of great parking spaces in front of the facilities.

Arriving at Waltham Forest Spa

waltham forest spa experience Getting to Waltham Forest Spa had been completely MENTAL for me. I had to take a later train (because of off-peak prices) which meant I arrived late. One bus (I hate busses) and a short walk through the car park later I arrived at the tranquil sanctum that is Waltham Forest Spa. Literally: The moment you walk through those doors you find yourself in an amazing oasis of tranquillity. The toned-down colours, the sounds, the smells and the whispering staff all made me forget my hectic train/tube/bus ride. The friendly staff asked me to fill out a form and asked me to sit down. Not two minutes later I was asked to move to the nail bar where I would get the manicure of my life.

The Manicure

  I have had a few manicures when I was still living in Thamesmead. It was easy to take the bus to Woolwich – where amazing African ladies sit side by side to get their colourful nails done. That is something I do miss when looking back at my time in Woolwich. Manicures and Pedicures were extremely cheap and I would get a manicure whenever I had a day off or was able to get home a bit sooner. Anyway, the manicure I had at Waltham forest spa was terrific and amazing. The woman working on my nails was incredibly pleasant, talkative and kind. She worked fast and steady handed. I chose a Christmassy red that would fit with the holiday feeling. I loved my nails! waltham forst spa experience 2

But did it stick?

  YES! I mean… I am one of these girls that cannot do with one day of nail polish without having it chip off or messed u. I just cannot sit still. To my big amazement my nails were PERFECT for three weeks. And the Shellac was so good that even with shellac remover it was hard to get the red off my finger nails.

Would I recommend Waltham Forest Spa

  Yes. A Thousand Times Yes. I feel Waltham Forest Spa does everything in order to let their customers de-stress. Staff is really friendly and attentive. I loved the décor and I am actually quite sad I was too late to try the pool and sauna facilities. Maybe next time? Have you been to Waltham Forest Spa before?  

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