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Love shopping? This way you avoid impulse purchases

December... Time to buy Christmas presents! But we all know that - while buying those presents, we see stuff we would like to buy ourselves! And to make things worse: a lot of stores bombard you with cheeky sales! You tell yourself, those pants immediately look a lot more attractive with a red line through the price tag. Until one month later you realize that you have never worn the thing. How do you avoid such a thing?

Know your 'triggers'

We all have our 'triggers', which means we tend to pick up our wallet a lot more. Maybe you tend to shop more when you are tired, are a bit worn out or are just very excited? Know what you are sensitive to, and then make sure you stay inside when you feel this way. And yes: put that laptop and visa card far away as well.

Make a plan

Whoever goes shopping for mustard yellow high waist pants, is guaranteed to come home empty-handed. If, on the other hand, you move to the shopping street without needing anything, you collapse under the shopping bags in the evening. Sounds familiar? Logical, because if you go shopping without a plan, you suddenly see a lot more potential. Therefore, prepare an attack plan in advance. What do you want to buy? And especially: how much do you want to spend on it? Set up a list and stick with it.

Be aware when you're in the store!

It is widely known that stores are doing everything they can to get as much of your hard earned money as possible. A pleasant tune, a friendly atmosphere, ... especially in winter we are sensitive to the bustle that prevails in the shopping streets. Realize that everything you hear, see and smell is focused on making you buy. For example, research has already shown that we are more inclined to spend more when we find the smell in a store pleasant.

Calculate how long you have to work for it

Are you still in doubt about a particular piece? Then calculate how long you should work for it. Who knows, maybe it is a beautiful dress, but is it still fun when you realize that you have to go to the office for a week? What can also help is calculating how much it would cost 'per use'. For example, you wear a winter coat much more often than a glitter skirt.

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