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The new shower step you did not yet know: a scrub for your hair

Shampooing, a lot of lathering, rinsing and then a conditioner through it to untangle any knots. If you really have a lot of time, you might even have a mask. But that's about it, right? Nope . Hair scrubs are the new hype, and I bet that you immediately want to get one!

Admittedly, we do not immediately jump to add another step to our shower routine. The sooner we leave the shower stall, the longer we can stay in that comfortable warm bed. But if such a scrub promises to make your locks grow faster and longer, and also to remedy dandruf and dry scalp, we are prepared to stay under the water jet for five minutes longer.

What is a hair scrub?

A hair scrub is actually exactly the same as a regular facial or body scrub, but then for your hair. In fact, it ensures that all product residues and dead skin cells flow into the drain.

Why would you use it?

Your scalp is the place where new hairs see the light of day for the first time. It is therefore not unimportant to ensure that this is a clean and healthy environment. "Your scalp is a kind of mini-ecosystem on top of your head," explains dermatologist Guy Parsons. "You will find blood vessels, nerve endings and millions of skin cells. Hair follicles, however, need a good passage, so when you remove those dead skin cells, your hair will grow healthier."

How to use it

Just like an ordinary facial scrub: wet your hair and gently massage the product with your fingertips. Use circular movements and occasionally lift some hair, so that the entire scalp gets a scrub layer. Let it work its magic for five minutes, then rinse it clean. Then you can use shampoo and conditioner. Do you need to do this every day? Luckily not. Once or twice a week is just fine. "Once for maintenance, twice if you have real scalp problems, such as an itchy scalp or skin."

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