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5 winter destinations in Europe where it is still nice and warm

With the dreadful weather of the past few days in our country, it is not surprising that we are longing for sun, sea and beach. If you really want to get a great tan, you will have to find a solution outside of Europe in the coming months. But closer to home there are also places where it is nice to stay in the winter and have a drink in the beer garden (with summer jacket on). Budget-friendly and still deliciously sunny.

Canary Islands, Spain

canary-islands temperature in winter This is actually the only destination in Europe where it is almost all winter long beach weather. Of course it can also rain on the Canary Islands, and there is never a guarantee for hot temperatures. But the chance of warm weather is already very large coming months. The winter period is therefore not surprisingly the high season.

The Algarve, Portugal

THR_Top_Algarve_1920x1000_low In the Algarve in the south of Portugal you can not only enjoy the beautiful nature (the rocks!), It is also a great region to stay during the winter months. The days you will be able to spend hours on a beach are rare, but they still occur. Great cocktail weather, the whole winter long!

Crete, Greece

blue-palace-private-beach-elounda-crete Crete is located in the south of Greece, and this of course affects the weather. Currently it is around 20 degrees during the day. So it's great to take long walks, eat tzatziki in the open air and get the necessary portion of vitamin D.

Andalusia, Spain

1491593019338 Another region where the weather is good in winter is Andalusia in the south of Spain. Again you will probably not be able to lie on a beach chair, although today, for example, it is still 23 degrees. Not bad, right?

Cyprus, Greece

Sea caves near Cape Greko
Sea caves near Cape Greko
Is it clear now that lovers of the sun with a small budget, are best to go to Spain, Portugal or Greece? Just like in Crete, it remains pleasantly warm in the winter in Cyprus in Greece. Here too the temperatures fluctuate around 20 degrees.

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