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How to find a great drop shipping supplier

For many online entrepreneurs, drop shipping is a great way to make a bit of extra cash. It is one of the easiest way to start u your own online business. You do not need any stock and hardly any initial investment – except for the website and a few ads. But when I talk about drop shipping, the first thing people ask me is; where do you get your products from? You can’t just get them at a regular store and nobody in the right mind would start a drop shipping company with Amazon as their supplier. Well, when I first started my drop shipping ecommerce, I worked with Alibaba and Ali-Express. I love both websites. They can hardly ever be beaten on price and, once you know what to look for and what suppliers to order from, you can even get amazing quality wares for rock bottom prices. But there’s a problem… They take AGES to send out products, and because everything is sent out by literally THE SLOWEST MAILING SERVICE IN EXISTENCE, clients and customers can end up waiting 5 to 8 weeks for their products… Yes I did get a lot of customers asking where their product was, and after a while I just had to pay them back… which ate at my income and actually made Ali-Express a much more expensive supplier than some of the companies I looked to work with in the UK or USA. Now, I also tried to set up a website with Printful and other websites like it. They were very easy to integrate into my website, which was a big plus… but then it was hard to actually acquire customers because Printful and co are just insanely expensive. If I remember correctly, we are literally talking about $15 for a finished t shirt – and that is without shipping. So in the end, If I wanted to make a little bit of profit on my products, I had to sell them for about $25 – which is quite a lot if you are not famous, an established brand or personality– on YouTube for instance,  or spending thousands on advertising. Currently I am working with Salehoo. I picked this one after I read some articles and books about drop shipping, and their name kept popping up. My first impressions are that they are easy to use and have a wide range of products and suppliers. The base cost of products are very low – especially when looking at the Recommended Retail Price. I also have noticed that because of this, I need to make a lot less sales to get a very decent income through drop shipping. I am a big fan and might even consider setting up a third ecommerce website to sell even more products in certain niches. You might be lucky as Salehoo do a lot of great promotions and money off offers! 

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