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Clive Christian Perfume Review

Yesterday I received samples of two new Clive Christian perfumes. Clive Christian is a British Designer known for his superb kitchens and… Clive Christian nr 1: the world’s most expensive perfume! You pay about £450 for a mere 50ml (And I was already complaining about the £100 I had to part with for my Tom Ford Black Orchid)

Anyway, I just got the new perfume in my hands and I do not know what to think. Yes, it is known that the more high end perfumes tend to stick to very classical scents. Do you remember those very small little perfume bottles your grandmother used to have? They were beautiful to look at, but in the end, the perfume just smelled like your grandmother.

And that is basically how this perfume smells: like your gran at the Sunday roast dinner table. But in a good way…

Clive Christian: Euphoric

Euphoric is a very classic, sweet smell. It smells a bit like fresh jasmine tea with a hint of early spring flowers such as may bells. To me it smells a bit like fresh soap. I read that this is supposed to be the bridal scent of the six new perfumes that have been released, and I can see why. The perfume breathes innocence with a big splash of luxury. Will I wear it on my own wedding? I’ll probably go for something a bit younger as this is a very heavy perfume. I do have to say that the longer I have it on my skin, the more I am loving it – but I do not know if that will be enough to pay £525 for a bottle.

Clive Christian: Hypnotic

Now, Hypnotic is definitely my favourite of the two. It is a very masculine scent that takes me back to Ambre Noir, released by Yves Rocher. I have always loved wood and cedar undertones – I would even say that cedar is one of my favourite smells in the whole world. Hypnotic is a very spicy smell with the undertones of cedar and this is definitely one I would wear to a formal event. It actually makes me think of a perfume my dad wore in the early 2000’s… is that wrong?

I honestly do not know what to think of these perfumes. I literally feel they are aimed at the nouveau riche. People that have more money than sense. No wonder Harrod’s is one of the only shops that stocks it in London? I am going to be completely honest and say that this perfume probably has a very big fanbase in Saudi Arabia since it is just tailored to the scents and perfumes I used to came across in the Arabic district of Antwerp.

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