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October Empties – Nuxe, Olay, Luseta

Another month has come and gone, bringing us closer to the wintery cold months. My feet are already freezing, and in a frenzy panick I have found myself ordering a hot water bottle online because my fiance keeps complaining about my fold feet I try to warm against his soaring hot back. So yeah, since October is over… it is time for a post about empties!

Nuxe Shower Oil

The Prodigieux range by Nuxe is one of my favourite ranges throughout the whole of the skincare world. Not only is Nuxe an incredibly good brand that never fails to deliver, the whole range just smells amazing. I used to use the oil a lot – on my face, on my hands, on my hair, but I never used the shower oil because I was … just scared to use it and finish it. This has now obviously happened, and although I feel bad for using it all, I enjoyed every single of fragrant drop of it. This is a must buy for people that like to feel empowered and love a good smelling shower cream!

Olay Double action: Day cream and Primer

Skincare does not always have to be expensive. At my little trips to superdrug or even boots – which are considered to be on the cheap side of the skin care shop range, I am often taken aback by how expensive some of these creams and oils are. I get it, people want to look good and young and… I literally do not have the money to spend £66 on a cleanser or £120 on a moisturiser. But then there are great products that come with great price tags. This Olay double action was just a test run. I wanted to see what it did and if I was content with the result for the price I paid. I was. I did not see the effects of the primer on the way my make up sat on my face, but I have to say that I did love the moisturiser. Might be that in the future, I try another primer to see it it is just my skin that us un-primable, and see if Olay has a moisturiser with SPF

Luseta Keratin Conditioner

My hair is dead. There is no denying. I am 1 bleaching off cotton hair and I absolutely hate the fact that I need to brush it three times a day, just to find it all tangled up. My whole desk is littered with broken hair. It is so frustrating! But the Luseta Keratin conditioner did help! I left it in my hair for about an hour to maximise the effect. It nourished the tips of my broken hair and my hair felt smooth and healthy.

Essence Princess Mascara

This Essence Princess Mascara has been in my bag for absolutely AGES! I cannot believe how old it is. I know that most people say you need to declutter at least twice a year – but I feel I spent so much on make up that I cannot get myself to actually throw things away. It feels like throwing money in the bin. This Essence mascara, however, is one of these pieces that I have contemplated throwing away a few times. I did not think a lot of it and it was dirty. But then I saw a video of someone using it with AMAZING results, and I just needed to try it again… and indeed. The results are remarkable. I was just doing it wrong. So that is why I am now sad to throw out this oldie that recently has become my bestie!

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