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My Udemy Set-Up

So like I said in my last article, my Udemy was not doing very well. In fact, it was doing extremely bad. What seemed to be a great subject and a great course, turned out to be an absolute disaster. No students, and the students I was able to convince to take the course did not seem interested enough to complete it.

This is why I started filming my Udemy courses instead of me just talking over a powerpoint. This is a lot more engaging and people will get a much more personal experience.

I recently received a question in my mailbox, asking me what my filming set up is for my blog and for Udemy. This gave me the idea of breaking the piece open and providing the information for everyone.


The first thing you need to film yourself is a camera (Duh). I use my DSLR which is a Nikon D3200 with a standard lens. This is one of the cheaper DSLR's but one of the best when looking for price and quality. I have been doing a lot of filming with this one, and although you cannot expect Hollywood-Production-Quality, it has great HD image and the sound is not too bad at all.

2. Microphone

If you would like to use a microphone other than the one that is built in into your DSLR I can highly recommend the Blue Snowball. I have been using this microphone for my voice over videos and for my podcast and I absolutely love it. It is very simple to connect and it has great sound quality. Would even recommend for musicians or singers that like to record on their desk.

3. Tripod

When I first imagined filming my Udemy courses, I imagined doing it standing up. This is why I bought one of the biggest tripods I could find. It goes up to 1m70 and you will be able to use almost all camera's on this tripod. I now sit down in my desk chair and use the tripod on a lower level. I have used professional equipment before when working as a marketer for a beauty company, and this tripod is the real shit, even though the price is very reasonable.

4. Lights

Obviously, you need good lighting when you want to film. I sometimes dare to go without - when there is enough natural lighting, but I mostly film with two light boxes pointing at me. Lightboxes normally are incredibly expensive, but I was able to find some cheap ones on Amazon. I might not be 100% happy with the hue of the light, but they do the trick just fine!

5. Editing Software

You can use whatever editing software you want and what software you are used to. However, I prefer working with Sony Vegas Pro. It is easy in use and it does everything I want it to do. It might be a bit old school, but It does the trick! You can also work with the cheaper but still good Sony Movie Studio.

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