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Where to sell your designer and luxury clothing

Selling luxury and designer clothes can be hard.

On eBay people are looking for a great deal, which means your stuff will almost always sell under its price. On Catawiki they do not take everything up into their auctions – I mean, my Dries Van Noten shoes and Jimmy Choo’s weren’t, and on those Facebook groups people don’t seem to be too eager to put down a lot of money.

So where can you sell your prized pieces for a great price?

Vestiere Collective 

Vestiere Collective is a designer clothing website first launched in France in 2009. It is an amazing website that combines vintage items with high fashion and catwalk trends. I absolutely love reading their blogs and browsing through their pieces.

How it works: You offer your piece on their website. They cut out your pictures, edit your post and post it on their website. They do all the promotion for your piece, and once it is sold you simply send it to Vestiere Collective for free. They will check your piece on defects and check it is the real deal before they send it to the buyer.

+ Easy to sell
+ Basically do everything for you
+ Safe and guaranteed since you do not come in contact with the buyer at all

– The interface is a bit ugly. You can see they wanted to make a “fashion social media platform” out of it, but it failed.
– It can take quite some time before they approve

Commission : 44%

Sign up here

Ted Baker Dress

2. Rebelle

Rebelle is another online marketplace. They have two ways of selling your stuff. You can list your pieces onto the website yourself and handle everything from the sale to the shipping, OR you can send your stuff to them for free and they will handle everything for you.
I can understand why you would pick the second option, but since I want to list my pieces on more than one website at the same time, I prefer to work under the first. The best day to sell on Rebelle is on Thursday as your listing will be live in 48 hours, just in time for the weekend surge of traffic!

+ Easy to list and sell
+ 800.000 visitors a month
+ Great option for people who just want to sell and not think about it
+ Lets you see the price in pound and Euro when you are setting up your listing

– Quite a high commission percentage for the DIY service
– Sometimes just changes languages

Commission : 46%

3. Vinted

Vinted is different from the other two where you can sell almost any kind of clothes on here. Just like on eBay, you put on your price. People are allowed to barter, and there is even a Swap option, where people can propose a swap.

+ Very easy to upload
+ Instantly approved
++ Swap option

– Both high fashion and high street being sold
– One sale every 43 seconds!

I obviously also like to buy… and within 30 minutes I already bought a Dune bag (Omg it is soooo Pretty)
… But there are some things they might want to improve on such as price filters, swap filters and filters in their queries in general.

4. Vide Dressing

Vide dressing – Vide means empty, is another French luxury clothing website. They are known for religiously checking all items to see if they are real or not which gives this site a great name for selling and buying luxury items.

+ Very easy to fill out the selling form
+ Great interface
+ Great reputation
+ Commission is low!!

– They say 48 hours but it can take longer

Commission : 15%

dries van noten 4

5. Hardly Ever Worn It

This one is another great website for selling luxury clothing. Hardly ever worn it stands out because of their long dwell time – about 6 minutes per products, and because pieces can go incredibly fast!

+ Great dwell time
+ UK Based

– Does not come in other languages except for english which means it is a hurdle for people from other countries to buy and browse


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