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Philosophy Purity Cleaner – Review

I wear a lot of makeup when I film my courses. And even though I am incredibly lazy when it comes to removing makeup, I am a religious cleanser. It is incredibly unhealthy to leave your make up on and if I do not take off the layers of highlight and foundation, my skin breaks out. This is why I am always looking for a good cleanser that does the trick in as little time possible.

Purity is a good contestant. It removes my make up in about two minutes of cleansing and does not seem to foam up as much as other cleansers sometimes do. I am always extra careful around my eyes as I hate the stinging sensation. No stinging here! Extra brownie points!

And even though the product itself does not work better or worse than any other cleanser, I highly dislike the smell. It smells a bit like a bunch of old ladies drinking coffee on the promenade of a Kent seaside town -or that is how I imagine it.

Another remark I might make is that it left my skin quite dry. You all know I have problems with the Thames Water where it makes my hair and skin go dry. This cleanser did not help my cause, to be honest. Instead, it left me grabbing for my moisturiser even more than I am used to.

You can find the cleanser here for £39.99

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