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My 5 favourite Halloween costumes for 2017

Not too long anymore and it is Halloween!

Yes! I am one of those people that looks forward to the pumpkin carving and the endless stream of annoying trick or treaters. But most of all I love dressing up!

Here are my top 5 favourite costumes for 2017 Halloween.

  1. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton IS Halloween. I absolutely love his movies, and Edward Scissorhands has a special place in my heart. This is such a great costume! It will be unique and quirky, but still : Everyone knows who you are!

edward scissorhands female costume halloween 2017

2. Harley Quinn 

It is no secret that I am a bit geeky. I might not be the biggest fan of super heroes and their nemesis, but I do like Harley Quinn! Watch out because the linked costume does not come with the wig and the bat.

harley quinn halloween costume 2017

3. Lost puppy 

Halloween does not always have to be sexy or scary. This lost puppy Halloween costume will be the laugh of the night!

lost puppy funny halloween costume

4. Chucky 

I love good old horror movies, and Chucky is a classic!

womens chucky costume halloween 2017

5. Morticia from The Adam's Family 

No list of great Halloween costumes would ever be complete without Morticia from the Adam's family! Stylish, sexy but scary and mysterious. The perfect combination!

morticia adams family halloween costume 2017  

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