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My favourite October Vestiere Collective looks

When it comes to fashion - and everything else, I only have one problem: I have an expensive taste! But because I just cannot afford a new £750 dress every month, I have to look at websites such as HEWI and Vestiere Collective. These are my casual October favourites for Vestiere Collective.

  glitterrebel vestiere collective collage

    1. Victoria Beckham Slim Jeans

As the Starks say: Winter is coming. Even though I would love to go shopping in a dress, I feel that in October especially, jeans will be a must when going out of the house. Slim Jeans fit absolutely everything, and these beautiful Victoria Beckham Jeans will absolutely fit in with a great casual rock-look.

2. White Pierre Balmain Top 

To keep the summer going I have chosen this absolutely wonderful Pierre Balmain to. I love Balmain - especially the bags, but I do think I just fell in love with this top. The studs on the right hand side give fit perfectly in this tough look.

3. Celine White oversized sunglasses 

I love "quirky" and these Celine oversized sunglasses are definitely it! They will give your look a softer touch and will in fact make it look as if you just walked off the runway on Paris Fashion week!

4. Blue Cashmere Eres Scarf 

The one thing I always take with me is a scarf. And what better material to make a scarf out of than cashmere? This Eres scarf will make your look complete and will make sure you will never get too cold in the autumn winds.

5. Black Michael Kors Bag

I chose this black Michael Kors bag because it is big. if you are like me, you just put anything and everything in your bag - because it will come in handy sometime, no?

6. Brown leather Michael Kors Boots 

Now the autumn is here, some great boots will come in handy to get over puddles and not make our toes freeze off. These beautiful Michael Kors biker boots look though on this rock inspired autumn look.

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