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September Empties

The leaves are turning and I am starting to crawl into the coach with a mountain of blankets and a hot cup of tea again. With September it also seems that the summer has ended. A good time to do a September empties post!

Yardley handcream

Since moving to the United Kingdom, I have found that the water really damages my skin and hair. My hands have the tendency to feel incredibly dry and my hair is… dead.

After washing my hands – even with moisturising soap, they feel dry and uncomfortable. I have been using the Yardley Lilly of the Valley hand cream on my hands and found that it helped to keep them soft. The hand cream itself smells incredibly nice, and at £3.99 for 100ml it is not expensive and you will get at least 2 months of consistent use of it.

I picked up this Yardley Hand Cream because my mother absolutely loves the soap in this same range. I prefer to use shower cream but I wanted to try the brand and the fragrance anyway. It did not disappoint! Have already put in an order for another one!.

Anatomicals Body Lotion

I am a big fan of Anatomicals. They are a cool, quirky, empowering brand that brings fun and well-branded products. I absolutely love their branding and marketing, and their products are “da bomb” as well. This Anatomicals Coconut and Mango body lotion smells absolutely incredible.

I have been using it as a hand lotion because I do not use a lot of body lotions anyway, and although it might be a bit runny to pass the keyboard test, I do love the smell and the way my hands feel.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Cream

As I have said before in this post: the UK did a number on my hair. It feels dry, my tips are dead, and it is even tangling at the back of my head. In order to make it really healthy, I would have to go and get a pixie cut – something I DO NOT want to do. AT ALL.

I have been trying a lot of hair masks and conditioners lately – both cheap and expensive, but Garnier Ultimate Blends Restorer Cream I find works okay. For the best result, I actually leave it in my hair for an hour at the least, or when I feel my hair is really damaged maybe even overnight. The tips of my hair look great and it is much easier for me to untangle my hair.

Dolce and Gabana Spoof Perfume

I love perfume, but I hate the price. I have been using spoof perfumes for quite some time now and I have to say that I absolutely love this one. It is a spoof of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and it smells almost similar to the real deal, at a fraction of the price.

I have even put the perfume to the test as I took the ferry to Belgium last time. I had sprayed some of the real stuff on one wrist, and my spoof one on the other, and I found that even though the real one does stay longer and smells slightly better, the difference in price will always make me pick the fake one over the real deal.

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