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Why I might create a honeymoon fund

So as many of you know, I’m taking the plunge and tying the knot next year - I know, it’s pretty exciting! However, the more I look into the logistics of the wedding day itself, and all of the preparation that goes into it, I’m slowly but surely realising that it’s going to be EXPENSIVE. Yep, it’s going to be a shock to the bank account, and that’s before I’ve even thought about the honeymoon. Thankfully, I’m the kind of person that will always try and save money when I can and have recently discovered the wondrous idea of a honeymoon fund - where your wedding guests contribute to your honeymoon, rather than buying you a brand new set of plates… because travelling is so much more interesting

Your guests can pay for your flights

One of the best honeymoon registries I’ve found is the honeymoon registry, which lets your guests pay for EVERYTHING to do with your honeymoon - including your flights. When it comes to booking a honeymoon or a holiday, you’ll know that one of the most expensive aspects is the flights. Unfortunately, that is just the way the world works. However, the more you spend on flights, the less time you have to enjoy your time with your new husband and wife… and nobody wants that. So, you can let your wedding guests pay for your flights to your chosen honeymoon destination, and take that added stress away from your dwindling pockets.

Your guests can pay for your accommodation

Another one of the most expensive aspects of any honeymoon is the accommodation - because apparently, it’s totally acceptable for hotels to charge over £100 a night! If you’re going for one or two weeks, these accommodation prices all add up to one hefty fee. If you have generous wedding guests, you can add this to your honeymoon fund and ask them to pay for one night’s stay. This way, you’ll just need seven generous family members or friends, and your accommodation will be paid for.

Your guests can pay for your activities

What’s a honeymoon without trying new activities? One of the things I’m looking forward to about my holiday is going somewhere completely different and making the most of our adventure. This could be a boat trip around the islands of Greece, taking a cable car to the top of a volcano in Tenerife, white water rafting through the jungles of Costa Rica, floating through the canals of Venice, or stopping off in Las Vegas to watch Britney Spears in action (I wish!) My main concern is that we won’t have enough money to do all of the activities we want to do on our honeymoon, but that’s why I’m going to add our favorite activities to our honeymoon wish list and ask our guests to contribute.

Your guests can pay for your meals

Going on holiday is all about trying new foods and exploring your pallet - which means it would be rude to turn down traditional meals in your honeymoon destination. If your accommodation doesn’t offer food as part of the holiday package, you’ll need to pay for three meals a day, and if you have a big appetite, this can get pretty expensive. So, add it to your list!

Your guests can pay for the little added extras

There’s no point going on a honeymoon if you’re not going to milk it for all it’s worth - it’s your time to shine! If your wedding guests can’t afford to pay for any of the above, you can add these little extras onto your honeymoon fund instead; massages, spa treatments, bottles of champagne, and the use of an airport lounge. These little touches will make your honeymoon stand out from any other holiday you’ve been on before. Honeymoons can get pretty expensive, but they don’t have to be. When I book my wedding, I’ll be ditching the traditional wedding registry list and opting for a honeymoon fund instead!

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