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Kingsman : The Golden Circle – Review

Critics are stupid.

There. I said it.

I am currently looking at the rotten tomatoes score for Kingsman Golden Circle.


Are you freakin’ serious?

I literally feel a lot of critics are disconnected from the real world. They do not comment on “Hey this movie was actually a lot of fun” or “That story and those effects were totally awesome”. Not that I want them to. But they are the people that need to tell us if a movie is worth watching or not, while all they indicate at the moment – with their scores, is how unbearably artsy a movie is. “How fast will I fall asleep on a scale of 1 to 5”

And it is not that I do not like artsy movies. I am a big fan of Woody Allen en Jean Pierre Jeunet, I absolutely loved The Big Sick (2017) while Cubrik and Hitchcock are must-sees (even though the last one was a giant prick).

What I want to say is that lately, I find that a lot of these so-called critics are just revelling in self-importance. They fail to see the bigger picture (see what I did there): in the end, it does not matter what the theme is or the message of the movie, it does not matter what genre it is… what matters is that the story is good, the entertainment value, the actors and the overall production value.

So: I think Kingsman Golden Circle earned more than the meagre 50% they received on Rotten Tomatoes.

No, the movie was not as good as the first Kingsman – there is nobody left in the whole wide world that expects a sequel to be as good as the original. But I definitely left the cinema with a “wow” feeling. I loved the story, I loved the gimmicks and the humour, I loved the fact that they brought back Firth.

Oh yes, have you heard about the AMAZING cameo of Elton John? I mean … if you even remotely like Elton, you need to see this movie because of the cameo alone.

It was a movie packed with action, great jokes and a good level of nostalgia for the early bond lovers – or even people who enjoyed the first Kingsman. They are hinting at a new sequel and I could honestly not be happier. Give me more Kingsman”


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