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DR Brandt Poredermabrasion Review

I was super excited when I received this sample. I had been looking forward to trying this product, but $58 for a tube is a bit much for me at this moment – especially when I have not tried nor tested a product before.

The reason why I was so excited was because Poredermabrasion exfoliates your skin while cleaning it AND tightening your pores. Yes, indeed. I would save so much money and would be able to throw out a ton of product if this one would work. But does it?

The Claims

So what is it that DR Brandt claims his product does?

  1. It exfoliates the skin
  2. It tightens the pores
  3. It delivers a deep cleanse and unclogs your pores
  4. Enhances your skin cell turnover
  5. Improves your overall skin health

The Ingredients

  • Micro-size Aluminum Oxide Crystals: Delivers physical exfoliation by rubbing against your skin’s surface and drawing out impurities deposited inside your pores
  • Caviar Lime Extract: Helps loosen up dirt and grime, making it easier to dissolve these in the solution to flush these out, as well as to promote finer, tighter skin complexion that leaves your skin surface with a smoother texture
  • Salicylic Acid: A beta hydroxy acid that facilitates chemical exfoliation, it also regulates excessive oil production to prevent grease from piling on the surface, and makes skin shedding less frequent to prevent skin flakes from clogging your pores and causing an infection
  • Lentil Seed Extract: Clears, refines and tightens your pores

How do you use DR Brandt Poredermabrasion

Using DR Brandt Poredermabrasion is quite easy. The first thing you always need to make sure of is that there is no makeup on your face. Take your mouseline cloth and take off your face with some hot water and your favourite cleanser.

Dry your face but make sure it is still a bit damp.

Now you are going to take a bit of product on your fingertips and massage it into your face. Take if off with a cloth and some luke warm water. It is advised to follow with a great conditioner to get the best results.

So in short: you apply it like a cleansing balm!

What did I think?

This is obviously an amazing product and I am very glad I was able to try it. However, at this price point I expected more. My skin felt fresh and clean, but it felt no different as it does after I use my £15 cleanser. I did not see enough of a difference to be completely sold on this product, but then again: there was only enough in there for 2 days, and we all know you need at least 2 weeks before your skin starts to show any big changes.


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