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The 7 Least Visited Countries In The World

Every now and then, when going on holiday, all we want is just a bit of peace and quiet. And that can be hard: kids in the Pool. Families fighting over breakfast. Drunk lads on tour screaming under your balcony... I have great news because I have looked for the 7 least visited countries in the world. From beautiful beaches to amazing mountains. There will be something for everyone (except for loud, obnoxious tourists). Tuvalu 7 least visited countries in the world


If you love amazing beaches and bright blue seas, Tuvalu might be your place to be. It is part of the Polynesian archipelago and is situated between Hawaii and Australia. It is an incredible place to visit if you love diving and snorkeling. The kind and generous local people cook the most amazing fish dishes. Are you looking for Paradise? You might have found it here. belize 7 least visited countries in the world


Another favourite for snorkelers and scuba divers is Belize. It has one of the biggest riffs in the world and divers can go and explore the big blue hole - if they dare. But underwater beauty is not the only thing Belize has to offer. This small country on the Caribbean sea has amazing Mayan Temples you should see at least once in your lifetime! The chances you will encounter many other tourists when visiting these ruins are small. san marino least visited countries in the world

San Marino

People that want to stay a bit closer to home can discover San Marino. San Marino is a little city-state next to Rimini and close to Florence. If you are tired of the beaten Tuscany paths, I would advise you to look into visiting this little city. With just over 30.000 inhabitants. San Marino is known for its peace and rest. The food and wine are amazing and the views are breathtaking. siera leone seven countries least visited in the world

Siera Leone

The more adventurous types might be tempted to visit the West-African country of Siera Leone. You might remember the country from the Ebola outbreak, but everything is clear and safe now. The country has lost out on a lot of tourism due to the outbreak, and visiting this amazing and beautiful land helps its citizens to rebuild their lives. moldavie seven least visited countries in the world


Fans of the European Song Contest might know Moldavia from its songs, but "12 points for Ukraine" is not the only thing this country has to offer. If you love wine (Like I do), you will be happy to know that this country has a wine tradition that goes back to 3000 BC! The Melisti Micii Wine Producer still holds the world record for the biggest wine collection. If you would rather visit monasteries or hike in beautiful mountains, you are also at the right address. bhutan seven least visited countries in the world


Bhutan is literally one of the countries on my bucket list. I have wanted to visit the country from the moment I heard of it. This Himalayan country restricts the amount of tourists it accepts every year in order to keep its rich history and monuments intact. Travelling to Bhutan is not cheap, but you will forget this when you see the breathtaking mountain tops and the ancient monasteries and temples. lichtenstein least visited countries in the world


Are you a fan of the Alps? Then Lichtenstein might be the right place to visit. Lichtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world, but it is filled with amazing castles and has an intriguing history of kings and rulers.  

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