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How meal planning saves me time and money, and makes me lose wight!

First of all, I want to get one thing straight: I am not an organised person. Not at all. In fact: I am very erratic and I take a lot of decisions on a whim. This also makes that I am a very indecisive person: When people ask me what I want to do, I often have no idea because I simply do not have a plan.

So how the hell did I get into meal planning? 

You know how parents can be: they always think they have amazing and great advice that you have not thought of at all. Your pleas and begging them to stop picking on your life and you trying to prove that they are trying to fix something in your life that is not broken at all are not heard and parental lectures are often met with eye-rolling and hair-tearing. Or that is how it is for me.

My fiance's mom is a food planner. Once a week she sits down with a few cookbooks, she writes all ingredients down and plans out all dinners for an entire week. She orders her food online and every Monday morning a little van brings fresh produce to their house. Sounds amazing... but I honestly did not have the energy to plan out the food for a whole week and I was a bit concerned that I would not be able to eat anything I had a sudden craving for.

But things change: I moved with my fiance and our best friend out of London and into Kent. Hallo Gravesend. There are some decent corner shops around, but for a larger shop, we would need to hop into the car and drive down to "the big ASDA" as we call it.

Since my partner is now working a bit further from home and both me and our best friend do not want to drag heavy bags of food every day, we decided to run a test: make a food plan and do one big weekly shop with the car.

You know what? It worked!  

Where we would normally send about £90 per person per week on food ( Take out, Amazon Prime Orders, Food Cravings etc) we now spend £90 for the three of us! We literally cut down our food budget by 60%! Imagine the savings! We eat less take outs because our decisions are backed up with a solid plan, and the food we cook is healthy. No more binge snacking or take-out-every-night kind of weeks.

And the best thing? After two weeks of planning, I already lost 3kg!

I will be posting all my food plans on my blog from now on. This way, If you want to give it a try, you can follow my plan which saves you loads of time!

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