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My first month on Udemy : Total earnings and the mistakes I made

In my search for Passive Income Projects, I have now stumbled upon Udemy. Udemy is an amazing platform where professionals and freelancers can share their experience and knowledge through courses.
These courses can be sold from anything from $10 to $400.

I first started working on my course 2 months ago. I was writing a book on Influencer Marketing for authors and thought that this would actually do well as a course. I would be able to help a lot of authors with sharing my knowledge on the influencer marketing industry and Udemy would be an amazing passive income.

It took me a month to figure everything out. I started by making power points and decided that I would narrate these in little videos that would make up my course. Once I was ready I was so relieved that I did the one thing I always tell authors not to do: I hit publish and sat back.

In my first month, I earned a splashing $12.

My mistakes

As you might have guessed: I was hoping on a bit more money. In fact, I would have thought to make about $40-50 in my first month. But in all honesty, it is my own fault that I am not making more and I will tell you why:

I did not use the right video format

The first mistake I made was the fact that I narrated power points to get my course across. This feels distant and does not engage people. It is far from the personal and 1 on 1 touch that people are looking for. I am currently in the process of recording new videos which means that all in all, I have lost a lot of time on my course already.

I did not promote my course

Another important part of selling courses is the promotion. If people do not know your course is on Udemy, how will they be able to buy it? Providing people with your own link will also mean that Udemy does not take 50% of your course money as commission.

This is why I am currently starting with making Youtube videos on the Youtube Channel of my other blog. It will not only help me to sell more courses, but the fact that I am bringing good information for free will also mean that I get more subscribers and thus more income from Youtube.

I did not check for interest

Udemy has an amazing tool that can help you to determine if people are actually looking for the kind of course you are looking to provide. One of the biggest mistakes was for me to be stubborn and not use this tool. I thought that my course would be helpfull to authors and that they would be interested anyway. Ha. You know nothing Lieze Neven.

I am now looking to launch a new course but this time I made sure people are actually looking for the subjects I am covering.


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