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Review – Detroit

I have to be honest: I did not want to go see this movie at first. Why? Because I thought I would not be able to handle it. I would get mad at the injustice and the flagrant racism. But then, three days later, I found myself on my way to Cineworld in Strood to see Detroit.

Detroit starts out by giving you a bit of background. This is done with animations and even though I did not like the style as much, they were captivating. They did an incredibly good job in explaining 2 centuries of injustice, racial tensions and cultural contrasts in a 90-second video.

I have seldom seen a movie that is so good at making villains with so little effort. We all know that King Joffrey in Game of Thrones is a character we love to hate, but in a way, Will Poulter's character Krauss is a protagonist for a lot of American's in 1967 Detroit (and Trump-voting America). That is what makes this movie so incredibly chilling. We see the injustice on our screen, we hear the racial slurs and the plain old racist talk and we think: "Oh but those were different times." And then we look back at our own situation and it makes us think: "Is it really?"

There are no white "Good guys" in the movie. Maybe there were one or two cops that showed a bit of simple kindness. But in the end: all in their own way, they did nothing to stop Krauss and his men.

The story revolves around a group of coloured people - some know eachother, some don't, and two white girls staying in the Algiers Motel. After a man pulls a joke with a toy gun, the police and the national guard SWAT the house in search for a sniper. And this is where Krauss and his men show what real racism is.

It is a gripping movie that, however, could stand a bit of cutting down every now and then. I knew that there were riots in 1960's Detroit, but they have never been so prominently portrayed as in this movie.

I would honestly say that this movie is a must see.

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