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5 ways to instantly spot a fake Coach bag

There is one thing you need to know about me: I love a hustle! I just absolutely love picking something up on eBay and then auctioning it off on luxury fashion websites. I would normally only buy Prada shoes (My office literally consists of boxes and boxes of luxury women's shoes), but every now and then I pick up another piece - and sometimes this piece turns out to be a fake! Last week I was the highest bidder on a coach bag. Everything seemed more than fine, but when I received the bag and took it in my hands, it was very clear that I was holding a counterfeit. I started researching the signs of a fake Coach bag and was able to tick off more than one big red flag that the bag I so ardently bid on, was indeed a knock off. Here is a small guide - with pictures taken off my bag, on the signs that the bag you just bought is worth only a fraction of a real Coach bag.

1.Coach only uses real leather

0 (3) Coach will only use real leather. This means that if there is a little layer coming off, your bag is almost 100% fake. Leather can chafe, indeed, but that will never ever look anything like this. What you can see on the picture is obviously just a layer of thin plastic that needs to make the rim look like leather. If you have the chance, just give the bag a feel. It will be easy to feel the difference between plastic and leather. If you are buying a used bag, also look for pockets of air under the plastic coating. Especially on parts of the bag that are being held and bend a lot such as the straps.

2. YYK Zippers

unnamed This one fools a lot of people. Coach seldom puts its own logo on the zippers. They will mostly use YYK zippers and this will often be the only mark you can find on the zipper. This is what a real Coach zipper will look like: 269576(4.1)

3. The serial number

  0 (2) Having a serial number is not a sign that your bag is a genuine coach bag. Although this serial number actually looks surprisingly genuine, it is not. The way to tell is by looking at the text. It is stamped and it is uneven. On a real coach bag, the letters will be embossed deeply and they will be embossed evenly and consistently. Also look for spelling mistakes in the text! Here is a small picture guide on what to look for in the Coach Tag. coach tag comparisson

4. The lining

When the signature C's are used on the outside of the bag, Coach will never ever use the C's on the lining. This is a rule of thumb a lot of counterfeiters do not keep to and an easy way to spot a fake Coach bag. You can see on my picture how this relates to my fake bag, but here you can find another example. fake inside c's C_23575BKHMA_4_large

5. Double Stitching

0 (4) Double Stitching is always a no-no. This can be 4 stitches like on this picture, but it can also be a single double stitch. This is a sign of poor stitching. If you see double stitching, do not buy the bag. It is a fake! You can now also clearly see that the "leather" rim around the bag is just a piece of fabric with a thin layer of plastic on top.      

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