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Review – Before I Fall

To me, Zoey Deutch is one of those actresses that gets way too little recognition. The first really significant movie she starred in was Beautiful Creatures but it wasn't until Vampire Academy she broke through. Every since she has starred alongside the biggest artists in movies such as Dirty Grandpa, Why Him and now Before I fall. Before I Fall, based on the book by the same name, follows High School A-lister Sam Kingston (Zoey Deutch) and her friends Lindsey, Ally and Elodie. On the 12th of February, she wakes up to a sweet message of her boyfriend. It is cupid's day at school and this will be the day she loses her virginity. Or is it? before-i-fall-ban I do not want to give away too much but let's say that this movie is a perfect match between National Lampoons Day and Mean Girls but with a lot less laughing and a lot more tear jerking. Sam relives the same day over and over again and needs to find a way to escape. But how? Overall I enjoyed the movie. Zoey Deutch is an incredible actress and she plays this wonderfully sweet teenager that gets blinded by teenage angst and peer pressure. And although I would normally prefer happy movies and even happier endings, I did think that this movie struck a particular note with me: Be the best person you can be, every day. Kudos to the DOP  ( Director of Photography) as the movie takes on this very dark, bleak and almost depressing vibe, only made stronger by the camera work and the vastness of the way nature was brought into the shot. One thing I would say is: it was incredibly obvious that images on the second day were reused from the first day as you can see her smiling when her head is turned, while she would be sulking when the camera turns to her face. Obviously, this is not the new Oscar nominee, but it is a great watch for a dreary Saturday afternoon or a girl's night in. I am looking forward to seeing more of Zoey Deutch and "Why Him" is next on my list. What movie did you recently watch? before I fall movie review

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