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Snatch App : How I collected more than 9000 coins in 30 days and found out it was a scam

Today my phone told me that I had been using Snatch for the past 34 days. Every day I sign in, check my parcels and reveal the ones I locked down. I was able to collect more than 9000 coins in 30 days and this is how I did it! Oh and the whole app turned out to be a complete scam. I ll tell you why below.

So what is Snatch? Snatch is an augmented reality game where you walk around and snatch prizes. It is, in essence, a bit like Pokemon Go: you have to be close enough to grab a package and you can use your phone's camera ( although I cannot see why anyone would do this) to capture packages.

What makes this game so hard is that you can actually steal (snatch) packages from other people. So if you picked up 10 packages, it could be that an hour later you only have one left. You can defend your packages but this will cost coins. You can grab coins by inviting friends, checking in daily, opening up packages or by paying.

Coins are a pretty crucial in this game. 40 coins can mean the difference between losing everything or being able to lock down parcels. In the last 30 days, I was able to collect more than 9000 coins on my account with one simple trick...

I only play late at night.
Seriously. Just as I go to bed, at 11 or 12 at night, I start snatching parcels from people. My day job is at London Bridge and I honestly have to say that locking down parcels in places with high foot traffic is incredibly hard. The coins used/parcel ratio is incredibly high.

My nightly snatching hack has paid out. I would spend about 300 coins on snatching 10 parcels. These parcels would normally yield about 500 to 600 coins, a few diamonds and once I week I would be seeing a prize.

But what can I do with these coins? Am I getting something from it? No, not really. I mean... so far I have won a few now TV passes and... well that's it. Nothing else... And you know what the absolute shit is with these now tv passes? You have to sign up for an account, you have to put in your credit card details AND you can only use one pass per account. So yeah ... I basically got bupkis in these 34 days I have been playing.

Edit: This app is a complete and utter scam. And here is why: I just opened up one of those special packages. You know, the one with the special cash prizes... well. Again: this prize was a trap in order to make players download an app and give out their information. After 5 hours of defending my parcel and meticulously planning my defences, I was able to reveal the insides of the parcel. I had won the grand total of £1. And I had to download some kind of app via which they were going to send it to me. The same app I have seen advertising quite aggressively throughout the web. As a marketer, I call Bullshit. Snatch is just a con. These people must be making so much money off advertising and people buying coins... I mean... disgraceful. This is now day 39 and I still have not won ANYTHING substantial. I am going to delete the app and warn you not to download it. It is not worth your time and effort.

    how i got 9000 coins for free in 30 days  

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