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Review – Amadeus Antwerp

Are you a fan of ribs? Yeah. We too. I lived in Antwerp for six years and I would honestly say that, after Bruges, Antwerp is the one city you actually NEED to visit in Belgium. If it is not for its amazing architecture, culture and the joie de vivre of its inhabitants, it has to be because of the food. One of the restaurants I absolutely LOVE going to is Amadeus, All you can eat ribs. Amadeus was founded in Ghent - another great Flemish city not 40km away from Antwerp. They are known for its absolutely delicious all you can eat ribs formula, their amazing jacket potatoes and Irish Coffee ( not even joking ). The inside of the restaurant is completely decorated like a 1920's dance parlour. The owner of the restaurant loves hunting down the antiques to dress his restaurants. amadeusantwerpen The restaurant is famous for it's all you can eat ribs. The meal: 2 glasses of red house wine, all you can eat ribs and potatoes and at the end you get an Irish Coffee, costs only €25. The ribs come with a sweet sauce and are cooked to perfection. The potatoes come with a butter mixed with curry powder and are honestly the best jacket potatoes you can find in Antwerp! amadeusantwerpen3 Personal is very friendly and comes around with more food. There is a little table can where you throw in your bones, which gets emptied quite frequently. I had a tiny little look inside the kitchen and it was incredibly clean. It honestly worked like an oiled machine : People putting meat on the grills, other people popping the potatoes and other cooks preparing the plates... but do not let this scare you as the waiting staff's approach is very nice and personal and the food is absolutely amazing. Going to Antwerp? Don't miss out on Amadeus. Tip : Go to Amadeus Antwerpen 1 because the other one is honestly not as good.

Sint Paulusplaats 20 2000 Antwerpen


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